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Thread: Cold smoked salmon

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    Effective Cold Smoking on a Weber

    Cold smoking on a Weber kettle or smoker at ambient temperature (70F or lower) is very easy and requires no equipment.

    I have been using Jacques Pepin's recipe for curing salmon filets, alder/fruit chips and natural charcoal briquettes on a small screen. Three natural briquettes (a few more in cold weather) are lit with an electric charcoal starter or gas flame to about half-gray. These are arranged in a circle on top of a fine screen on the charcoal grid and topped with damp chips. The referigerator cold salmon is placed on the top grill to leeward. The top vents are almost fully closed to allow the smoke to flow over the salmon.

    Twenty to thiry minutes is usually enough to smoke salmon filets. The unternal temp of the filets will rise maybe 10F, remaining quite cold. Wrap in polywrap and foil and refrigerate. Use a very sharp blade to slice thin slices off the large ends at an angle.

    The same technique for 40 minutes performs magic on fresh, cold roast of beef, pork or veal.

    This is really simple and effective.

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    Geir, being from Alaska I am a bit of a salmon snob. I was wondering is your fish wild or farmed? I am pretty sure Norway has wild salmon runs and wonder if you find a taste difference between the two. Thanks.

    Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish

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