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Thread: Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 10!

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    Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 10!

    Hi everyone, and welcome to WSM Smoke Day 10--our 10th year for this virtual, online backyard barbecuing event!

    What is WSM Smoke Day?

    Back in 2005, TVWBB member Joel Kiess suggested that we pick a day when all Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker owners would barbecue in their own backyards and then share the results here on the discussion forum. Sort of a worldwide cookout to share our enthusiasm for barbecue and the WSM. The result was the first WSM Smoke Day on Memorial Day weekend of 2005.

    When is WSM Smoke Day?

    As is our tradition, the official date for WSM Smoke Day is the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. This year, we will celebrate on Saturday, May 24. However, if you can't cook on that day, pick another day before, during, or after Memorial Day Weekend for your celebration.

    Do I have to own a WSM to participate in WSM Smoke Day?

    If you don't own a WSM, buy one now from so you'll be ready for the big day. You'll have more fun with a WSM! Otherwise, smoke on whatever cooker ya got.

    How Do I Celebrate WSM Smoke Day?

    Here's what you do:

    • Make your mark on the Smoke Day map to indicate your intention to participate in WSM Smoke Day.
    • Your celebration is not complete without snazzy WSM Smoke Day 10 t-shirts, aprons, buttons, stickers, and other logostuff.
    • In the days leading up to Smoke Day, post messages in this forum describing your plans for the big day, what you intend to cook, who's invited, etc.
    • This year, we're encouraging members to open up their backyards to others for get-togethers on Smoke Day. If you're willing to host a Smoke Day get-together, post your invitation as a thread in this forum and I'll consolidate them all on the Event Schedule.
    • On the big day itself, don't forget to post as you're cooking throughout the day and then post a recap of how you dazzled your family, friends and neighbors with your barbecuing prowess. And you must post photos--if you don't, it didn't happen!

    Have fun,

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    That's my birthday! WooHoo!
    ; ; ;

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    Great news ! I hope it doesn't snow.
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    We are in and on the map.

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    Got a shirt on order today!
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    Done and Done. Arizona needs more folks on the map!
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    On the map. Got my shirt.

    Doing a brisket, and some asparagus. Maybe a 'tini or two...or three.

    Will post pics from start to finish. You'll be sorry you asked.

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    7hrs in

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