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Thread: Thank you, Kevin!

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    Moderator Chris Allingham's Avatar
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    Thank you, Kevin!

    It's been a great week of Q&A, and I want to extend my sincere thanks to Kevin for fielding so many questions! I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did, and I hope he'll join us again in the future!

    There are a few open questions that I've asked Kevin to answer. Hopefully he can do that in the next few days.

    Finally, I will draw names for the three winners of the Weber gift packs on Saturday and post the names here.

    Best regards,

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    TVWBB Super Fan Don Fry's Avatar
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    Locust Grove, GA
    Thank you Kevin. It has really been great. Anytime you would like to trade jobs let me know. I'd even be willing to let you keep your 57 grills. Thanks again and thanks also to Chris for setting this up.

    Happy Smoke Day Eve,
    Don Fry
    99 and 09 Performers, 18.5 WSM, 22.5 and 18.5 OTG, SJG, mini WSM, Summit 420, Q100, KJ Classic, KJ Jr, Tripod Schwenkgrill

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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Tony R's Avatar
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    This was my first Q and A on this forum and it was fun. Thanks Chris for arranging this session and Kevin for being with us.

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    TVWBB Pro Alan F's Avatar
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    Nice having you Kevin. Please post more around the board.

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    TVWBB All-Star Jim McKelvey's Avatar
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    Thank you Kevin and Chris! This was a great Q&A and perfectly timed with Smoke Day. Thanks!!

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    TVWBB Diamond Member Mike Cosgrove's Avatar
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    Thanks Kevin, you're one of us.
    Wherever you go, there you are.18.5 OTS, 26.75 OTG, Custom Stainless Portable Charcoal Grill, Dark Blue Performer, Mini WSM.

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    TVWBB Super Fan Chris Arnold's Avatar
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    +1 on those thanks to both Chris for organising and Kevin for taking part....
    Team Bullet Brothers BBQ - Performer 22.5 (with rotisserie) + WSM 22 + OT 22.5 + Jumbo Joe 18.5 + WSM 14.5 + Medium BGE:

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    TVWBB Super Fan Bobby P's Avatar
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    Thanks to Kevin for his time and effort. Would also like to say thank you to Chris for setting this up. A job well done guys.
    18.5" WSM , 22.5" WSM , , , . All In Black

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    TVWBB Pro R L Bagwell's Avatar
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    Yep, many thanks for the tips and your time, Kevin! And to Chris, for maintaining such a GREAT site.


    Summit S-420 Natural Gasser; DigiQ DX-equipped 22.5 WSM; 26.75 OTG; 22.5 OTG; Jumbo Joe; Smokey Joe Silver; Rival KC Smoker; Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

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    TVWBB Emerald Member Rolf Jacobsen's Avatar
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    Thank You Kevin!

    I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you taking the time to spend with us and the way you shared your knowledge.

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