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    8th Annual Silicon Valley BBQ Championship, Santa Clara CA

    I've always enjoyed this contest. Alexa and I have had very good luck there and we always love stopping at Casa de Fruta on the way home to Arizona! Chris, I know you remember back in 2014 when the top three teams overall in the pro division were all WSM teams!
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    Time For Some Fun!

    The chicken cook I did on Sunday was terrific! I'm really happy with the way the 14" WSM performed and will likely be trying out a few other things on it over the summer.
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    Dirty water pan = bad tasting meat?

    I recently purchased a used 14" WSM via Craigslist and the water pan was a mess. Lots of baked on crud, both inside and out. A little Totally Awesome, a little Soft Scrub, a green scouring pad and a lot of elbow grease later, that sucker was back to down the porcelain. I recommend that you...
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    Before and after using SIMPLE GREEN and 0000 Steel wool

    Totally Awesome is the best! I love that stuff!
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    Time For Some Fun!

    The little cooker did a pretty nice job today. At 8:30am, I filled the bowl with charcoal to just below level with the top of the ring, pulled out a few briquettes from the center, placed a Weber starter cube in the small well, lit it and then replaced the briquettes. By 8:35am, the starter...
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    Looking for 14.5" accessories

    Hi Bob. I've fired up a 14" WSM for the first time today and I'm running it with the stock water pan to see how it holds temps. My first thought about a shallower replacement would be a round cake pan or a deep dish pie pan. According to the specs, the stock water pan is 11.5" in diameter but...
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    Upcoming blower accessory for ThermoWorks Signals

    Bob, is your Stoker not working? Mine is still going strong!
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    brand-new 22.5” WSM —- first mods??

    My first mod would be to add some charcoal to the bowl and a pork butt to the cooking grate! See how that sucker cooks a few times and then decide if you need to do anything to it. Have fun and enjoy the ride!
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    Thermometer probe location.

    I like to attach my pit probe directly to the top cooking grate considering that is where the meat is located. I use this clip from Thermoworks.
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    Good remote thermometer?

    Like a few others here, I'm a big fan of ThermoWorks products and recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy. They have a huge selection of items that can fit your needs from a simple ThermoPop to the Thermapen Mk4 in the instant read category and from the DOT to the Signals 4-Channel meat...
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    Time For Some Fun!

    I've been a long time WSM user and competitor, always on 18" & 22" models. They have served me very well over the years. The days of cooking between 15 to 30 competitions per year are behind me now so I'm spending a lot more time just cooking for fun and trying out new things. A few months...
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    WSM 18.5” assembly

    Welcome to the New World, John!
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    Kingsford question

    Hi LeeJay. I've used KBB in my WSMs for years and have often used bags of charcoal that are at least a year or two old due to stocking up during the great sales that happen a few times each year. While I sometimes have a weird cook out of a single bag, I haven't noticed any consistent issues...
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    Hanging Ribs in WSM

    Let us know how your experiment turns out.
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    Knife sharpener

    I recently purchased a Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition knife sharpener and have since sharpened a Victorinox boning knife and a Victorinox granton edge slicer. It takes a very light touch and perhaps a bit higher RPM than you might think to create the initial burr on the blade but the end result...