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    Extention Ring Issues

    No, I’m not taking that bait! Very different cooking heating methodology. As for everything from one manufacturer always fitting. I can only say, dream on. Corporate decisions are made far above our pay grade. I think I’m done here. Thanks for the “Onlyfire“ tips Richard, I might look into that.
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    Tri-Tip is in my future

    I finally got over to my Brothers to pick the Anova up. Sometime this coming week, I will suck bag and Sous vide the tri tip from the freezer as soon as I want to get chilly for the final sear! I can’t do it without freezing delicate tissue for the next few days!
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    Cutting boards

    Right sizing for use is smart! It’s like any other tools, some are better suited for particular projects and need to be used accordingly.
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    Extention Ring Issues

    I think that is a far superior design concept, don’t need the SS one (but, I might want it anyway) . edit… the Weber parts are no longer made in the USA either.
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    Vacuum Sealer Recommendations needed

    Larry, what is your impression of the one you just got? The “Geryon” deal from Amazon. I have not tried mine yet.
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    Best light for a Weber Kettle

    I prefer warmer light, it’s more ”natural”, I really like color corrected light. I agree, mixing light color is awful!
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    Extention Ring Issues

    I’m 64, the term “Boys“ doesn’t concern me, I use it all the time with the guys in my band. I will take a picture and take some measurements. But the point is moot, I really do NOT like things which do not fit properly no matter what. When you spend years as a picture framer and really irritate...
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    Extention Ring Issues

    Well, I guess that’s the last word on that!
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    Extention Ring Issues

    My Weber one sits pretty close to level and I’m not complaining. And gee Bob, he didn’t buy the Cajun Bandit unit.
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    What a lousy deal!

    I got my weekly Weber newsletter which had an “enter to win” tag and it sent me an “Instagram” page wanting me to sign in to create an instagram account! Bugger that, what a crappy thing for Weber to do! Now, get off my lawn!😉
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    The Humor Thread

    I love driving “Stick” well, I used to. I offered to take several “youths” and teach them how to drive manual transmission. The answer from every one of them was “Why do I need to learn that?!” I stated that it was good to know, in case you ever want to really drive and feel what’s going on or...
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    Cutting boards

    Boos stuff is really nice, yeah, pricey but, with care it will last decades!
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    ABTs - How do you do them?

    Just remembered I have some diced brisket in the freezer, I should get some peppers and make some soon! Maybe next week? Its going to be about -4 tonight and a high of 18 tomorrow. It’s going to be a build a fire, make a giant Choucroute Garni and let the oven do its job and make the kitchen...
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    Extention Ring Issues

    Honestly, I don’t see anything to be concerned with, they never sit perfectly level, get a bird on there and get cooking.
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    Is this true?

    It’s been over thirty years since I had a “working” automatic dishwasher, and to be honest, I guess I don’t mind that. Since it’s just the two of us most of the time, I can bang out the dishes pretty quickly. I will always have things which will be hand wash only but, I have been finding myself...