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    Should we discontinue Coronavirus - Covid-19 discussion on the forum?

    If it goes away, I won’t cry a sea of tears but, it does allow a generally reasonable place to vent ones concerns over something the likes of which most of us have never had to deal with in our lives. If you choose to close it that’s up to you. There are plenty of other places where people can...
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    Oven cleaning of flavorizer bars?

    I did a 500 burn earlier this afternoon thinking long the same lines. I will repeat before putting the pork steaks on and backing down “working” temperature. I’m usually a charcoal guy and shut the vents down when I pull dinner so, it’s kind of a habit to go “finished with engine, stop motor”...
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    Smoked Kielbasa

    I have a nice Mettwurst in the freezer and will do a “Hassleback” treatment of it and grill off some sweet peppers finishing with fig preserves and toothpicks! It will make for a very nice “snack dinner” with some grilled baguette slices and plenty of cocktails. I just saw the Mettwurst when...
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    Meat Grinders - Anyone have Cabela's or Lem 3/4 HP?

    Sorry, I can’t help but, happy upcoming birthday!
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    BBQ for others

    These acts are what make us the compassionate people which we need to be right now, good for both of you and I will try to follow suit with some provisions to others who may be in need. I am sorry my sister in law are so far away and having many life hurdles (non Coronavirus related, thank God!)...
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    Oven cleaning of flavorizer bars?

    Thanks guys! Glad I can just go ahead and do a burn off and then make dinner! Enough other things which I should have been doing for the last couple of weeks and have simply put off out of sheer lack of interest. Finish the kitchen paint job, for one, I let it stall for almost three weeks.
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    The best piece of fish from the Ocean.....

    I’m guessing some sort of “sea bass”? Didn’t realize they farmed it, really? I think I will see what the fish counter has to offer at the better place in town, quick stop!
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    Bored Out Of My Gourd Rub

    Come on Joan, you clean your spice cabinet more often than that, don’t you? I have stopped buying giant quantities of lots of things that I used to. Anymore, I buy the smallest bag quantity (I have plenty of jars) and probably do a buy twice a year. There are exceptions of course, like the...
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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    Sadly Brad, some people are simply that “entitled”, that sort of arrogance really makes me, sad. I’d say angry but, now is not the time for anger, it’s a time for tolerance. I will be venturing out for some supplies in the next couple of days and will mask and, glove up before exiting my car...
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    Oven cleaning of flavorizer bars?

    Is there any reason NOT to simply stick FB in the oven and run a “clean” cycle? Seems like it would be better than the oven cleaner/ garbage bag followed by washing, no? This is my first, full season, using a gas grill so, I’m genuinely curious! Help me Obi Wan, help me!
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    What's cooking this weekend?

    I’m doing a pair of pork steaks tonight, I might break out the gasser weather is just cloudy but, might get funky later. Something to do anyway, do a spring burn off see how she runs.
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    Smoked Kielbasa

    I was thinking the same thing Ed! From a city that used to have over a dozen butcher shops with smokehouses we are down to just one but, we do have a sausage guy (Youz Guys) I’ll have to see if Chris will do a big coil on request...hmmm!
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    My brother in law, is a 73 year old retired trucker, he was called by FEMA to haul medical supplies from Michigan to Alabama, flu does not do that either. He had to decline the request, even though they told him they would take care of all the insurance and re establishing his licensing etc. he...
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    Purchasing a pellet pooper soon. EX6 or RT-700

    There has been quite a bit of conversation about the Smokefire here so, there is lots to read. Take your time, Bruno has been very free with his EX6 experience and what he has shown sure looks good! His first brisket looks killer!
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Gee, I forgot all about my propane stock! 3+ tanks!