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    another Redhead rescued

    Well , after seeing Rich Dahl's table , I think I may be leaning more to that , and just salvaging all the parts to donate to others
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    I come to you heartbroken and defeated

    I feel for you bro , I think the first place I would try is my home owners insurance
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    another Redhead rescued

    Yes 5 bars , it does look like the 4000 just the dual flip tables with no side burner throwing it off ,
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    another Redhead rescued

    60 dollar Kijiji find[/URL][/IMG]even came with a new filled propane tank and extra set of burners[/URL][/IMG]previous owner believes its a 95 letter code EZ , model number 57000 any help distinguishing the exact model appreciated[/URL][/IMG]serial number not found on Weber's serial...
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    Red Head getting some sun

    and now she's finally done.[/URL][/IMG]and rumor has it she may be getting a sister.
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    Greetings from Ontario, Canada!

    Hello neighbor , welcome to the site
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    Silver C for $60

    Very well done
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    Soaking Grates

    Thanks for that tip
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    Stocking Stuffers in June

    Waiting for the store to open[/URL][/IMG]Kettle Rotisserie , I even got a lump of coal[/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]and a butt to test it out tommorow[/URL][/IMG]
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    Smoked pork tenderloin and grilled GA peaches

    Thanks for sharing Hamilton , definately trying this dish .
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    1992 Redhead

    Very nice Redhead , Very nice restore , Good work Steve
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    Red Head getting some sun

    LoL Oren , thank you , yours is a beauty too :wsm:
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    Something Sweet for # 1,000

    Grats on the 1000 , and grats on that yummy looking cake , Well Done :wsm:
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    Maribel surprised me this Saturday

    Very nice looking meal , Good Cook :wsm:
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    Where there's smoke ...... There's Firey Hot Tabasco Wood Chips

    The chips were not bad at all , sorta peppery flavor , but not spicy. they should go nicely with chicken as well