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    Easter - Smoked Deviled Eggs With Candied Bacon

    Well then, I will try smoking mine longer and see how it turns out! Here is the recipe I use. We top with thick cut, crumbled bacon, chives, and paprika. So delicious. I add extra siracha to mine:
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    Easter - Smoked Deviled Eggs With Candied Bacon

    Dang, 1 hour? They didn't get rubbery? I put mine over a pan of ice, smokeboost, but only for 20-30mins until they get bronze. Steve Raichlen said to make sure they don't get rubbery but leaving them on for 2 long.
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    Malcolm Reed meets Impossible Burger

    i've had the burgers and sausages, they really are not good at all. They felt like a brick in my stomach. Yet a vegetarian/vegan will look me dead in the eye as he/she chomps down on cauliflower hot wings and say "you can't tell its not cauliflower, tastes just like chicken"
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    Hand Cut Filet's - First Go at Steak on Smokefire

    looks great! I much prefer my steaks to be finished in the cast iron, that way you get the great crust along the entire surface of the steak, just not where the grates have touched it.
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    Pellet tube for hot and fast cook?

    One thing I am missing from my smokefire compared to my weber performer charcoal is the smoke flavor I could get from the performer. When cooking something hot and fast (chicken breasts) on the performer I would throw a wood chip/chunk right onto the hot charcoal to get some good smoke flavor to...
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    SmokeFire Competition

    Maybe I am lucky, but what about the machine is not set & forget? I have done plenty of long smokes and grills, and the only thing I do is shuffle pellets (which is more my anxiety than anything).
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    SmokeFire Competition

    Lew, besides the bullseye, what is the other one that can be used as a grill?
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    SmokeFire Competition

    I keep searching for a used one! That would be something
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    SmokeFire Competition

    Rec Tec can already compete with the smokefire for the low and slow and the sear. Their bullseye will do low and slow, and sear at 750f, at a much cheaper price point of $400. I do not know how well it works, but its out there and from what I recall sold out in seconds at launch. The only...
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    100% Wood pellets vs blend

    Are there any negatives to using a 100% wood pellet (lumberjack hickory) vs a blended (Lumberjack hickory blend 60% red oak, 40% hickory)? Why would you choose one over the other? I do a good amount of hot and fast grilling for mid-week cooks, long smokes on the weekend. I have read the 100%...
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    Smokefire software glitch

    be forewarned you cannot shutdown your smokefire from the app either.
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    How do you grill on a pellet grill?

    I made my first pork tenderloin last night. I used my standard salt, pepper, garlic, onion, chili, paprika rub. Put it on @215f for 30mins, then bumped it to 500f to get some char and flavor and cooked to an IT of 140-142, pulled it and let it rest for 15 or so. MAN....I'm almost embarrassed...
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    Grill grates on the EX6

    Bumping this up. Anyone use grill grates on their smokefire? I don't care much for the "grate" side, but the "flat" side would seem much better at getting an even sear.
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    How do you grill on a pellet grill?

    Thats the plan. If I don't think its good enough sear @ 600f then I will try grill grates. I also plan to get some "char" pellets to get more of that charcoal flavor I am used too.
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    How do you grill on a pellet grill?

    as a smoker, this thing is quite fantastic. set and forget. the ribs last night were killer, pork butt next week. I will be grilling more with it this week and keep at it. My goal is still to replace my WSM and Performer, and I am almost ready to sell the WSM.