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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    yeah I can see that I’ll eat it once in a great while We get the chicken thighs get like 4 in a package for $2 or they have chicken kabobs too they also have some good stuffed chicken breast. Also if you go in there get their spinach artichokeI can’t remember did it’s stuffed rigatoni or a...
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Swingles TriTip. I live one town over from there. It’s definitely got a cult following but I can’t eat it too damn much marinade for my taste when I eat beef I want to taste beef. Now the marinated chicken we totally get down on and their Lamb kabobs too.
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    New Weber pellet grills for 2020

    I take it as it was more of an allocation. The Ace distribution center mine is coming from was only slated to get 10 of each size in the first wave. Fortunately mine is in that release.
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    Pellet grills

    Unless you’re going after an older USA built Traeger I don’t think I’d waste my time. My friend is a traeger dealer and he tried for 2 years to get me to buy one and got some awesome pricing he offered me too. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I was almost tempted when the ironwood came out...
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    New Weber pellet grills for 2020

    My friend owns our local Ace and tried to get me on a traeger for like 3 years I had even gone so far as to start building my own using an old 13 bar genesis and pellet pro hopper He hasn’t committed to ordering anymore yet as he is fairly loyal to traeger and won’t even carry anything no...
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    New Weber pellet grills for 2020

    I should have mine in hand this time next week. Scheduled to be delivered to my Ace distribution center Saturday and our store gets deliveries on Wednesday I inquired about doing a will call next Monday but my store owner recommended against it for fear of how they do things it could get...
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    Pellet grills

    I think the Z grill has been around for about 2 years now. If I’m not mistaken it is or was one of those consumer direct type operations similar to RTIC coolers. Kind of surprised to hear Safeway has them in the store that’s interesting. I seem to recall that you got a big price break for buying...
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    Weber Pellet Grill

    It’s on the dealer site that shows future products. Remember the original screenshot that was leaked allegedly came from Ace
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    Weber Pellet Grill

    I have mine ordered through my local Ace. It is supposed to get to the Ace distribution center 1/29 and our ace gets its deliveries on Wednesday so if I don’t talk them into doing a will call I’ll get mine on 2/5 The distribution center where mine will come from only got 6 of each model. So...
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    Performer has assist not lighting

    I can’t seem to get the speaker to ignite the gas. I can use a match and light it inside the bowl but the igniter isn’t doing the job I have a spark and even swapped in a new igniter. Stopped short of just replacing the burner because the bolts are so corroded I didn’t feel like fighting them.
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    the weber fairy dropped by

    SO my friend owns our local ACE hardware and its paying off this year so far he has dropped off two genesis that were replaced by new grills. Only catch for me is both are NG so I will need to convert but I cant complain. The first one the older one will be simple enough as I have a manifold...
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    Rare E-bay coupon. Hurry!

    Of course because I just ordered bbq parts on there yesterday
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    Rehabbers, lend me your eyes

    There was a new in box 2000 about a year ago and I wanted it bad but in the end I don’t think he got much more than $400 for it
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    Kingsford 2x18.6 $9.88 @ Home Depot 5/24-5/28

    Royal Oak is on sale at Lowe’s right now as low as $0.21 a pound no limit
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    Royal Oak 15.4-lb Charcoal Briquets 2 for $8 at Lowe's

    Picked up my 25 bags today