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    Beef ribs on the 4th

    Love those ribs, great job
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    July 4th weekend backyard bbq

    Looks like a great family dinner. Thanks for sharing
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    Sometimes, ya gotta YAK!

    Wow nice job
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    Venison and pork sticks and jerky gun strips.

    You guys did good, looks great
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    Aaahhh, pollo asado for tacos

    That's a beer I drink
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    Yum Yum Nua Thai beef 🥩 salad

    Wow nice job looks great
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    2nd time doing ribs.

    Looks great love you set up too
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    Picanha! With Brussels, salad and vino

    Man oh man those look great I signed up for the website and one of my kid gets here next week we'll order something thank you
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    This is starting to get out of control

    Nice job looks really delicious
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    Automatic Gas Shutoff Timers

    If it were me I'd call the local gas supplier and ask them what they recommend. I'm sure there's some kind of listing for ones that have been tested and I try to find out about that as well. Small leaks cause big fires
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    weber briquettes? are they worth $12 for a 20 lb bag ?

    At that price I would buy as many as he has. I wish they were still making them
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    First attempt at pork belly burnt ends.

    They look great, how did they taste
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    Bacon wrapped and stuffed pork tenderloin

    Pork on pork who wouldn't like that
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    Refurbing 1975-76 kettle

    I bought my first Weber in 1977 it was a kettle and I didn't have hinged grades