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    New and smoldering

    Use more charcoal.... You should be able to complete ribs with no shaking
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    Using two fans for heatermeter

    If you cant reach higher temps easily Its because you didnt light enough coals to start with
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    Eastern North Carolina-Style BBQ Sauce

    What's with the recipes that are using tiny amounts? Who wants to mix up barbecue sauce every day? I mix it up by a qt at minimum. And now I understand why dad used to mix it up by a gallon...... It goes really fast
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    Brisket on the WSM. Fat up or down?

    I always do fat on bottom when heat is from bottom
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Count me in if not up to 10 yet
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    Who makes Weber Briquettes?

    I like weber But it IS overpriced for charcoal at full retail
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    3rd Smoke, Temp Question

    Yup. Ive had briskets take 9.5-21 hrs Depends on meat, and temperature. My fastest....were largest....go figure.
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    Charcoal grate mod for 18.5. Really good if using briquettes?

    Havent done it See no need for it Cooked pork butt last night From time i lit it.....coals burned 17.5 hrs at 265F My ring is extended a bit, but i didnt fill it all way Never shook it, knocked ashdown, etc. Just let the heater meter do its thing. There was basically nothing on grate when done...
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    Got a new WSM 18 today.....

    Awesome Its sad to think of all the good eatin you missed isnt it?
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    Graphing of your Cooks

    I can't imagine cooking without my graph. when you look at something you haven't looked at for a few hours and you see that it's been cycling by a few degrees you know you got an issue..... Maybe you need to adjust tuning parameter maybe you need to shake that ash down And yeah control it from...
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    bacon smoking temp

    I do 135 -180 , smoke until reach pasteurization time - temp, but not over 140. Usually end in upper 130s. Slicing on meat slicer....end effects make crappy slices. More pieces of belly sliced....more crappy bacon shards you get. I cut belly in half... Smoked one yesterday, sliced it up and...
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    Any way to turn off the servo and only use fan?

    Don't know where you read that but that's not right. Try getting your temperature to come down without a damper that closes
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Just my speculation, without a servo, plug, etc....just the Al parts A lot at $75. To me that would be an expected price for a mass-produced commercial one. Probably some takers at $100-150 for limited production hand made Very few at $200 or up. Or I could be wrong.... Id probably pay $100...
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    home depot mem day sale

    Not here either Lowes had kingsford starting 5:50 pm.... Truthfully......dont care for kingsfords tiny briquettes By time chimney us ashed a little on shrinks at least 2" Garbage imo. Ill pay full price fir weber at ace
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    Finishing Pork Shoulders the Next Day - OK to Do?

    Well...they are completely cooked already, and then some Just not to point of breaking down fat and collagen till it falls apart Sounds like a plan. You only had a couple hrs left....should have finished them last night imo, less work overall...and im all about less work.