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    Weber Charcoal Discontinued

    Ive tried a couple bags of Bayou Classic recently grilling on the kettle. Nice plain large hardwood/starch briquettes. No bad smells/smoke lighting. Have not tried it on wsm. Unfortunately......before its even all lit in disentagrates when poured onto grill grate. It...
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    Weber Charcoal Discontinued

    It is the best charcoal ive seen $20 was way too much Its frickin charcoal. $ would sell all day KBB is garbage. It stinks to high heaven when lighting. I've got to come in and take a shower and change my clothes. I do not understsnd the love for it by some...
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    New Toy for the Kitchen

    Enjoy..... There's some things you just can't do without a slicer. I probably don't use mine as often as I could but, when I need it theres simply no replacement for it.
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    Question on vent management

    that openings are affected by how much coals you start with as well so you got to be consistent on that to be consistent with the vent openings..... I.e. a half chimney is way different than a 1/4 or a full chimney. Just don't stress about the temperature too much anywhere from 225 to 275 is...
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    The easiest way to access your HeaterMeter from outside your network is…

    Simplest way for me is just to open a port 8080 in my router and assign a permanent IP address to the heater meter. Bookmark the address. Done. if your ISP changes your router address periodically then you need something more complex.
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    How much smoke?

    Less is more Easy to overdo poultry. It barely needs any
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    Whats a good spray/basting liquid?

    My opinion is you can use anything you want because you never taste a bit of it.
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    What To Expect From My First Brisket?

    You can spend as little or as much time as you want trimming as you want. cutting that deep deckle out is kind of a competition thing, to get more bark around that meat. Restaurants don't do it. Most people cooking at home don't do it. I will say, that's looks like a lot of rub. You can...
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    What To Expect From My First Brisket?

    Enjoy. Less is more with brisket, imo Keep it simple, flavor of the meat will shine through.
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    New Toy for the Kitchen

    Mine is perfect home slicer, to me Italian made globe....a medium duty they produced about 2011 Was $1100 then. I got $200 shipped. About 45 i can move it. I keep on shelf in garage. Slices bacon, doesnt slow with anything ive thrown at it. Slicers go cheap at restaurant auctions...
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    Can't find Weber Charcoal Briquettes anywhere

    In this day and age, if you don't have what I want.... I'm not coming to your store. I'll buy it mail order. narrowing your selection and stocking only things you sell the most of and make the most money on is a recipe to go out of business. Or at least to lose mine. for instance, I go to one...
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    Hanging Meat - how/where do you determine cooking temperature?

    Put it wherever you want to measure it. I drilled a hole in the center of the hanging rack I made so it sticks right down in the center of it. Yeah the very bottom is hotter so put the thickest part of the ribs down there, imo
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    Non stick spray on grates

    I spray olive oil on ss grate for salmon Skin still sticks some, but meat side down sear doesnt. skin might stick because I put in the same spot when I flip it over. Simple to pick up with tongs and flip the piece over Grates brush clean the next time you cook real well also
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    New Toy for the Kitchen

    Slicers are great. You just can't make some things without them. Got a medium duty globe that I love. One day one of my kids will love it too. Can't make bacon, pastrami, or smoked pork loin without it. At least not to my satisfaction.
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    What Is Normal For Temp Fluctuations?

    What are you cooking at 250 that only takes 3 hours? Any temperature between 225 and 275 is fine . It just takes a little longer or shorter, but it cooks the same. Don't stress about temperature. Now that said you might want to stress about it a little. I like to 265 to 275 to give bark...