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    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    I'll let you know if I ever do.
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    Costco brisket

    50% of the brisket is fat and water you end up with about half the wt after cooking A good price is $3/lb nowdays Thank the pellet poopers for driving up popularity I have to think twice about paying more than 3.5 a pound I see some places trying to sell a select brisket for 6 or $7 a pound...
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    Wondering about long-haul smokes. How do you maintain a fire/temp?

    Never have to add anything I can go 20+ hrs without issue, extend coal ring with expanded metal for $10. I've done 21 hours I figure about 24 is my Max. Heater meter and blower /damper takes care of the control
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    Are old frozen ribs safe?

    No problem Cook it...then decide if want to eat it. Ive had one item go bad in freezer, in my life. Besides freezer burn. A frozen ham had fat turn rancid. It had been saved for making red beans, but when thawed out it was disgusting smelling.
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    I want low temps on my WSM 22

    Impossible to say what your issue was without being there and having more information. but it's very possible that an ATC without a damper /valve will still draft enough air through a fan that's off 2 make the WSM burn hot. This is why people invented the dampers that we run on the heater meter...
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    First cook on 22 WSM, w/DigiQ

    So, your saying everything is the minion method that doesnt start with 3 full chimneys of well lit coals ? I spread my coals in a secret way....definitely not the minion way.
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    Better charcoal chamber?

    The nerve. Attacking your smoker. WTH? Is nothing sacred to her? Id vote you buy the extra large one , or make it yourself.
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    Fast charcoal usage?

    Well, it takes what it takes. I probably get 1 hr /lb - ish on 18". Id guess, the 22 gets 50% less or so.
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    First cook on 22 WSM, w/DigiQ

    Sounds good. My charcoal basket is 50% taller than stock. Cost $10 for expanded metal. I dont know how anyone does without it..... The next 2 are my opinion so take it for what it's worth. One is that you don't need a minion method with the ATC. The ATC will take care of the burn rate of the...
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    Test servo throw

    Nice smoker Needs some yellow gold trim.
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    My girlfriend volunteered me... OMG, what have I gotten into?

    Someone here cooked 8 pork butts at once in wsm you are just averse to trying hard. 4 on each grate, standing on edge. My wife volunteered me to cook 2 for a wedding reception in 2 weeks....out of town. There will be lots of other food, but she thought this would be nice to do and much...
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    If only.......

    Must have been a truckload of pigs.... This store always has some kind of bbq meat on sale on friday...babyback ribs usually for 2.29-2.49
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    First brisket coming up this weekend! Suggestions welcome.

    Did one last night. 13.25 lb. They were $3/lb at costco. Most were 10-12lbs, smaller than i usually find there. 9.5 hrs. My fastest yet.
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    FedEx Got a C and SRF got an A+

    So i can get a free wagyu brisket just by saying fedex delivered to neighbors house.....? Just kidding, Yeah, i rate fedex below ups today. 15 yrs ago....they were best. But DHL is still the worst. Horrible. I ordered something from Romania, had to ship DHL. it got to 49 miles from my house...
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    Heavy ash on pork shoulder - help please!

    Theres usually a very light trace of ash on grate just particles But you .....had something go really bad Im gonna vote water dump, boiled over, kicked up ash cloud Even when i poke ash to knock down....nothing like that