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    Blackened fish tacos

    Seasoning is part of the blackening because it actually does get charred. I think a lot of the charred taste comes from charred seasonings. That layer of seasonings also protects the surface of the meat from getting burnt/dried out with the quick cook. Like anything else there's a Continuum...
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    Blackened fish tacos

    I don't get it quite that hot. But it's pretty damn hot. I've melted silicone handle grip (they're not real silicone real silicone melts at about 2500....) But these cookware items tend to melt over 500... And so it's pretty hot. . Cast iron should start to turn red at about 900 F. I've had a...
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    Blackened fish tacos

    Griddle should work fine. The only potential pitfall could be the hot butter running off the edge into the fire below and then you got fire on top and below the griddle. But there really isn't that much so that probably won't happen. You can blacken any fish and it taste like.... Blackened...
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    Blackened fish tacos

    Strictly speaking I don't know if it's grilling because it's done in a skillet.... A very hot cast iron skillet that has to be heated on a burner....... Blackening was popularized by chef Paul Prudhomme to give food cooked in a kitchen chargrilled flavor. It's not something you would try in...
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    Charcoal sale

    Cowboy and b&b are both owned by duraflame. I like the cowboy because they're bigger. Smaller briquettes more surface area burn hotter which is ok for grilling for 15 minutes... Because by the time you get the chimney lit their half gone. The b&b is good but it's gone too quick grilling...
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    Does most of the heat come from the bottom? Or reflect off the top of the dome?

    I would wager the lids are domed because that's something they can easily stamp out of a single piece of metal. There are no seams or welds to contend with. I.e. it's the cheapest to manufacture.. Black surfaces coated in creosote are not going to reflect heat effectively. Yes heat rises...
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    Most unusual WSM movable platform

    I seen a lot of houses that look like they have a garage, but it's basically the garage door on a carport. The carport is open to the backyard , and a lot of back porch space on the back side. One side is attached to the house and the other side is a storage room and outside bathroom. Like...
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    Does most of the heat come from the bottom? Or reflect off the top of the dome?

    No, heat does not come from the top on WSM. It frequently is hotter on top on offsets... So they definitely do the fat on top. My WSm never been hotter at the dome then the Grate.... Always less . Now you can do it either way I don't know that it really matters a lot. I've always done...
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    How much time for 2 8lb Pork Butts?

    It depends on the temperature you cook it at. You can hold it as long as you want, even shred it ahead of time, mix some liquid with it, etc. If it was me I'd probably start about 10:00 p.m. the night before. Probably won't need to wrap it till you wake up in the morning if you wrap it...
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    Mayo as a slather

    Its 99.9% oil and egg, with dash of lemon juice and salt. I would go as far as to say no slather imparts any taste in my experience. Now, some will say that an oil-based binder is bad.... Because it will seal the pores and prevent meat from absorbing smoke. Whether that has any basis in...
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    Most unusual WSM movable platform

    Yup.... We have a winner.
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    Lump quesion

    There's no problem except it's oddly sized. It's either huge pieces or little tiny shards usually. It also burns faster and irregularly.... It also does not nest well together and you can't get that much into the coal ring... Not good attributes for consistent long cooks. I used it once when it...
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    binder or not

    I don't think it matters. I have never had a problem with rubs sticking without something else slathered on there. Nor have I been able to taste any binder residue .
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    Automatic Blower system for WSM?

    When using ATC I just pour the coals out evenly on top. I won't comment much on the water other than to say it can be useful to keep the environment humid. But honestly that depends on where you live somewhat as well. If you live in a humid area it's probably not needed as much as if you live...
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    Why do you cook with fire?

    Well the gizmos was supposed to make it more convenient for you that's all. Now for that matter people used to cook with dung... Cow crap.... Heat their homes with it too. A man's wealth could be gauged by the size of his manure pile. In places where wood wasn't plentiful that's what people...