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    How long does your WSM run on a single load of fuel?

    Also no need to futz around with the minion method, etc. just spread the coals out on top... Let The controller do the rest
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    Rib racks

    Rib racks suck. If you're going to use a foiling method you're going to hate it..... It's a lot of trouble.... Sometimes you go to pull the ribs out and they're sticking inside the rack and you have a lot of trouble.... Burning your little fingers in the process. So the first thing you got...
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    How long does your WSM run on a single load of fuel?

    My coal ring is extended a little bit with expanded steel. .... And I use a temp controller..... And I have run it for 26 hours at 265 ish and had charcoal left. The main reason the coal ring is extended is because you no longer have to knock down ash at 8 hrs or so. It extends that time to...
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    Brisket cooking time, 225 vs 275

    I think the moisture content can vary a bit ....and that probably has an effect too. I don't claim to understand it but the biggest briskets I've ever cooked have also been the fastest.......go figure... Including a 19-pounder. Maybe the amount of volume it takes up in top of wsm has...
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    Brisket cooking time, 225 vs 275

    I don't find that weight has much to do with the time it takes it to cook. Some of the biggest briskets I've ever cooked have finished in 9-10 hours...... At 275 I figure about 12 hours and often its about 10 It's done when it's done 225 takes a heck of a lot longer.... Took me 21 hours...
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    Need Help Want To Cook Baby Backs Semi High Heat With No Wrap On My Pellet Grill.

    Wrap speeds the cook, while keeping it tender... That's why everybody wraps in foil. Steams it Faster simply requires higher temperature .,.but.... 300 is about as hot as you want to go and even that will start to harden edges , etc. I did 325 a few times as experiment.... It's definitely...
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    How long can you safely wet age a brisket in the fridge?

    Taste/smell and safety are two different things. Your nose is an indicator of taste and smell, not safety. There is no indicator for that. Spoilage bacteria are easily killed by cooking.... It should be safe to eat. If well cooked because we take briskets to 200F. In raw meat the spoilage...
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    Freezing Whole Smoked Brisket

    I suggest you take a page out of Aaron Franklin's playbook..... He ships cooked brisket nationwide. It's vacuum sealed and shipped cold with ice packs.... Then he has directions for reheating it.
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    Harry Soo asking for my Advice

    If you've got some secrets good enough he wants them..... No way you actually told him the real one....
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    Freezing Whole Smoked Brisket

    It most certainly will stay hot iseveral hrs if you wrap it in towels.and put it in a decent cooler. But the answer the original question freezing a whole brisket would require carefully re thawing and a plan of how to do that. It would take quite a bit of time itself.
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    Will Costco repackage ribs?

    I just individually vacuum seal Costco ribs when I get them home and put them in the freezer....easy As for baby backs... Technically they're the same thing as loin far as I know..... However when I've gotten them at a restaurant that specializes in them......they simply don't have...
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    Longest Brisket Cook

    Time is more a function of temperature used than anything else. I tried 225 f one time and it took 21 hours. 14 lb-15 lb brisket. I prefer 9-12 hours at 275 F Can't say I recall it being any better or any worse just it took a damn long time. Quite possible at that temperature that the...
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    What to do with these one pound pork belly strips?

    Not that hard to cure them , smoke them, and slice them.
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    Weber briquettes new packing

    Stubbs was the same thing as cowboy all-natural...... It was manufactured by Cowboy charcoal. They changed the name and transitioned their retailers to the cowboy brand in 2019. Which is what I use today Walmart carries it. So does tractor supply sometimes. Cowboy charcoal was purchased...
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    Reba McEntire's Best Yogurt Chicken

    Yogurt is used as a base for sauces and gravies in many parts of the world, particularly the Middle East. It imparts a tanginess. Doesn't seem to be used too much in the US really for some reason. But it's not that much different from say the sour cream that's added to stroganoff.