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    Mixing Dough With A KitchenAid Mixer

    I have the pro line mixer. I really like it except for two things: When there is a load on a beater, it emits a loud clicking. According to KA, this is normal. Sounds like it could you a preload bearing…. 7 quarts is a BIG bowl. There is only the 2 of us, so I tend to use my KSM90 4.5 quart tilt...
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    So what other hobbies do you you guys have?

    It Highland green. Same color as the movie car. I really like it. I also like the fact that there is virtually no crome or badging.
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    The Humor Thread

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    So what other hobbies do you you guys have?

    Fishing, playing with the Corgis, cooking. Oh, and California cruisin’ in my Mustang (Hugh pony car fan). 2008 Mustang Bullitt The previous Mustangs. 2000 Saleen S-281 1984 Mustang SVO (regret selling it!!!)
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    Eating our way through the freezer

    We, I started this thread and I must confess I have a problem….. we spent a few months eating everything in the freezer. Now it’s getting too full yet again. The was a suggestion to get a separate freezer. It kinda scary 😳 to think what I would end up with if I got one. Oh well, guess we need...
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    Your favorite soda/pop growing up

    We used to take the jug to A&W to get it refilled.
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    Your favorite soda/pop growing up

    When we were kids - all 6 of us - we got koolaid much more often than soda. It’s was a lot cheaper.
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    Your favorite soda/pop growing up

    My uncle was the plant manager for Hires Root Beer in LA when I was young. We knew when my uncle was coming over as dad would get out the ice cream churn and we’d make vanilla ice cream. Ahhh…. I’ll never forget those root beer floats!
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    Special considerations for cooking two turkeys at once?

    Nope. Don’t crowd them in the smoker. Time should be close to the same as 1. What are you smoking them in?
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    Advice Needed - Preparing Pulled pork in advance

    I would refrigerate it. Sun AM, put the pork in the oven, covered, and reheat at 200 for a couple of hours.
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    WSM Smoking 14 ibs Turkey Questions

    I agree with Mike. Chris has a how to article for butterflied (spatchcocked) turkey. I am using his method. I plan to use a small amount of water and cook @ 275. 16 pounder on 22 WSM.
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    Old School Thanksgiving

    This year, we are going old school for Thanksgiving. Heritage Turkey, spatchcocked, 275 on 22 WSM with Pecan wood. WSK gets a day off. Doing it per Chris’ article here on TVWBB. Sourdough dressing, moms recipe, from when I was a kid. Garlic mashed potato - Joy of Cooking (JoC) Candied sweet...
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    Santa Maria Tri-Tip Complete dinner recipe

    Found this on line at Santa Maria valley website. Makes a complete Santa Maria tri-tip. Rub, meat, beans, salad, and bread. I plan to try it soon. Santa Maria Cookbook
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    Frozen Turkey Sale @ Raley's

    Saw them this am. However, the package says:
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    As the song goes, it’s all yellowwww!!!

    Ahhh… mellow yellow Mellow yellow