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    RIP: Bob Correll

    I don't stop by much anymore, and caught on to this via the TVWBB email. I'd read so many of Bob's posts over the years, he always came across like one of those guys you'd like to meet. Condolences to the Correll family and RIP Bob.
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    Costco Tri Tip

    Looks perfectly cooked, nice job. Is that a chimmichuri sauce on top ?
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    2020 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

    I had to ask the "why no Canadian shipping ?" question some years ago. Not a big deal really. Thanks for all you do Chris. I had a UPS shipment this past summer, from the US to Canada. Unless you opted for an expensive service level, the charges really added up. You can pay 'em sooner, or...
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    All K Kruger Rub & Sauce Threads

    Thanks everyone. The KC style sauce (and others) will be on the menu this summer.
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    First Time Ribs with Butcher Paper and of Course Rain

    Excellent job ! Happy Birthday Rich !
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    Meat from a local butcher

    Nice colour on those steaks Bob. We lost our local supplier a few years ago due to a fire. That was a real loss around here. Luckily we are in beef country and this year were able to place an order with a local rancher that has gotten into retail. The freezer is looking good again.
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    Big'ol Hunka Beef

    Excellent looking steak/meal there Jim. It's a real bonus when you can have a local business to deal with like that.
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    Quick Mahi and Broccoli

    Nice fish ! One of the best decisions I made was switching my Genesis over to NG - your grills look great.
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    Overdue T-Bones

    Looks really good Cliff.
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    Visit to Buc-cee's Travel Center in Fort Worth TX

    That place is almost worth a trip on it's own.
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    Shrimp Etouffee

    Nice job Case, that would have had some amazing flavour. I haven't done etouffe before but I have done some sauce piquant that is roux based as well. Rich & tasty.
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    That does look good. Thanks !
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    Some threads and photos not showing

    Just wondered if the old code base was working, or potentially if the MS tweaking of Chromium made the difference.
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    Cool, we have maps

    xi I hadn't looked before. That's the Festival of Lights that happens each Christmas season. The train shots are Ironhorse Park - a mini steam train park that is run by volunteers which is actually pretty cool. Those are all Google members submitting the pictures, not sure why someone posted...
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    Cool, we have maps

    I like this feature. At times I've looked up various member locales simply because the city/town/village sounded interesting. We're all over the place.