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    Replacing a garage door opener

    The only TRUE difference I have found between Liftmaster and Chamberlain (who makes LIftmaster) is the Liftmaster has a one piece T rail the Chamberlain as a rail made of square stock you assemble. I have taken both apart. The motor, circuit board and gear trains are all the same. As for those...
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    One big grill vs. two small

    Owning both I don't get where everyone thinks a NS is better for "zoning" DUH?! Never found ANY difference. The ONLY thing that made my Summit SLIGHTLY "easier?" was the addition of the 4th burner. But given that it was the same actual cook area size as my Genesis, I honestly would default to...
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    Should I add a gas grill to my fleet?

    I do it all the time. It's where my Q320 lives, just last night I made a very nice slab of organic salmon on my dad's Genesis 3000 inside his garage (thanks to brutal wind and temps here this week) otherwise I would have rolled it outside. Now all this being said When I DO use the grill(s)...
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    Replacing a garage door opener

    IDK it's really not THAT much of a nuisance. The biggest thing is I keep forgetting how to remove the cover :D
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    Replacing a garage door opener

    It's not "batteries" it's "battery". Yes it does tend to use it pretty regularly. I think about once every 5 or 6 mos. It's just one of those little flat batteries (a 2420 IIRC). Cheap, easy to replace but a little bit of a nuisance. FWIW I installed a new opener with MyQ built in at my dad's...
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    The Humor Thread

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    Replacing a garage door opener

    We have Chamberlin belt drive with battery backup. Nice unit. Getting old though and a couple things beginning to act wonky. I added the MyQ hub to it a few years back. LOVE LOVE that thing. Plus now when I get an Amazon delivery they can set it in the garage, I have a WYZE camera that is all...
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    Genny Plat for $50- restoration money pit???

    Yep, I've always been one to see how they looked walking away as well as forward. Love a nice "backside" :D That being said I have no clue what we're looking at in the photo
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    I saw a woman the other night at Home Depot

    We have a garden center here (for those of you who are from this area originally) you may recall the old Fritchen's on corner of Mulford and Linden. They have a Tuesday special to refill for $12.50. I have one empty tank and keep forgetting to take it. And fwiw they don't even look at that date...
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    Supply chain SNAFU

    Ain't that the truth?
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    So this is the new Genesis

    I know I haven't. IMO they went to the "dark" side
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    The Humor Thread

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    Wish i could send this to our friends out West

    Yes we too can ask Cherry Valley for separate meters but it's VERY expensive. So we have not done it. Oddly we are one of only 2 houses on the block with sewer. Everyone else has septic. When ol' Hal McKiski was building this sub, he offered septic standard and sewer as an upgrade. I'm told...
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    Bison Tri-Tip This is a place not far from where we live. They're totally organic and grow every grain they distill and is supposedly quite good. We bought a bottle of their bourbon for our sin in law for Xmas but issues have come up and we still have not seen them for the...
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    Wish i could send this to our friends out West

    We went through a pretty severe drought here in our area this past year. Then got partially caught up. I am only hoping we don't get "caught up" in snow, or all at once come spring. The ultimate irony of it this past summer was our community had one well go down so they banned outdoor water use...