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    Weber Pizza Stone 8836

    I've only used my stone a few times. How do you clean yours? I know the black stuff won't come off. Do you just use some balled up foil or something to knock off the big chunks and cook on? Or do you use a chemical to clean?
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    Just picked this up...good candidate for my first flip?

    I'd clean it up really good. Try to sell it for $125. Take razor blade and some Simple Green to the underside of that lid and it'll look new. Use the profit to by yourself some new SS flavor bars, SS grates and a nice steak.
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    Weber Q model number

    You could also post a picture of the grill and we could help identify it. Really not many Q models out there. The older ones are 100s, 200s, 300s. Newer ones are 1000s, 2000s, 3000s. The 1s being the smaller and 3s being the largest. The second number usually indicates if a lid thermometer...
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    Q at Costco

    If you are looking to buy a new one, this is a very nice price.
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    Platinum II free Craigslist score - Maroon top?

    Yes that looks like a maroon color top. Cool color. Whenever you do decide to sandblast or paint again, remember to take the sides off the lid. Just a few bolts on each side. Others will come in with more info, but I think back then the platinum was still a Genesis, but on the higher end of...
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    Performer Thermometer Upgrade?

    Did you do this in addition to the stock therm or replacement?
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    Performer Thermometer Upgrade?

    I use my lid thermometer for most cooks. The one on my 26" is amazingly accurate. I had to check it a few times in boiling water to be sure but it's very close to the grate temp somehow. Can you report back on how you like the BQ225? And pictures please!
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    Harder to Clean and Maintain??

    That's a good point. The gassers with SS lid and SS doors are a pain to clean. If you get a colored one, then those parts of the grill are cleaned just like a kettle.
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    Anyone mode their early 90's Performer cart?
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    Performer Thermometer Upgrade?

    And this for an older lid handle thermometer
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    Performer Thermometer Upgrade?

    I was looking into this as well. For the newer style I think the BQ100 might be the best fit if you want to keep the bezel.
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    Harder to Clean and Maintain??

    Probably easier. With charcoal you are always having to clean up the burned coals. With gas grills, the grease and juices from the stuff you are cooking drip down on to flavor bars and most of that evaporates and burns away. Every now and then you want to take the bars off and clean them just by...
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    Amex - Shop Small, spend $10 get $5 cashback

    We've gone out to eat three times since we added this deal to our card. Got emails from Amex each time saying I'd earned $5, so $15 so far. Pretty cool. I didn't even check the map to see if the restaurants were eligible.
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    I fell in love last night

    How much did you get for the Homer grill?
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    Converted a Silver A frame into a mobile miter saw stand

    Hmmmm, what does this mean? I've always just bolted the grinder on a workbench and that's it. Is there an adjustment screw(s) on there or should I just use a level and move the cart around until it's level?