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    Grilling on the 18.5 WSM

    Seems reasonable to me. Let me throw one vote in for the Performer. :)
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    Just Another Weekend Two Bone Roast on the SmokeFire

    Those sandwiches are beautiful! Great 'doneness' on that. Looks just perfect to me.
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    Grilling on the 18.5 WSM

    @ChristopherC I know you prefer not to have another piece of equipment around, but have you considered just getting Smokey Joe? You could even set it on the top grate of the WSM while you are using it, and it would store away nicely. Having said that, I read through this thread, and will be...
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    Master-Touch Premium Charcoal Grill 22" - New to the USA?!

    That's what I was thinking, instead of trying to "slice" them up with the sweepers.
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    What kind of wire to connect the charcoal ring to the grate?

    I used copper wire because it's what I had laying around. If it doesn't hold up, I'll put some of those stainless zip ties on.
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    Fun: Where is your stock WSM waterpan?

    I still use my stock pan in the WSM, but boy-howdy does it take up a lot of room. Probably going to replace it sooner rather than later.
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    A simple twist of fate

    That looks like a great candidate for a dedicated pizza grill/oven or something.
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    Favorite hand mixer

    We have a KitchenAid hand mixer (and stand mixer). The hand mixer is great, and I used it A LOT until I bought my stand mixer. Hand mixer works as great now as it did the day I bought it.
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    KP + CI + Oven = Pizza!

    Thanks. Sorry, I meant the other Rich (Dahl). Just realized there is more than one Rich on this thread haha. :eek:
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    KP + CI + Oven = Pizza!

    @Rich Dahl, do you elevate the stone off the cooking grate at all, or just keep it on the cooking grate?
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    What mods are worth the $$$

    With my limited capacity noggin, I can't figure out what issue this is solving. What issue does this help with?
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    Weber Pizza Stone 8836

    I have just used hot water and a scrub brush on mine. The baking stones are porous so all that oil and stuff will just build up over time.
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    July 4th Dinner

    You say simple, I say perfect. Looks delicious, and just right.
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    Walmart Plus to launch sometime this month (finally a rival for Amazon Prime)

    I'm all for marketplace competition. I'm not sure Walmart will be able to do it though. If nothing else it may compel Amazon to either improve their price or services or both.
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    Independence Day Smoke?

    Ribs on Friday.