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    How do you store leftover pulled pork?????

    I portion it into vacuum seal bags, then freeze it. I'm on the lower end of culinary technique here, but to reheat, I sprinkle a little water on it and reheat in the microwave.
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    The smell of sweet redemption (it smells A LOT like Pork)

    Gad-freakin-zooks!!! Nice job! Wow that looks good.
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    Paella on the Kettle

    Boy howdy that looks good. Great writeup!
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    First ribs in WSM

    Same here, about 250-ish on the WSM.
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    Porterhouse night

    Yessir! Done perfectly, and a great all around meal.
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    Tennessee > Nashville: HoneyFire Barbecue Co.

    That tray looks fantastic. Probably tastes good too. Looks like they know what they are doing.
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    Pork Steaks on the 22" WSM - Fixing a popular BBQ Rub

    I love evenings like that. Good food, good ambiance, dog is content. It all just flows sometimes.
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    Epic BBQ Fail

    Michael, if the kids are eating it, then no harm-no foul. It's as if it never happened. :)
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    What’s it worth?

    Wow, that's fantastic! I wouldn't have a clue about value, but if it were me, I would keep it, and probably use it here and there.
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    8 Butts at Once And a Gator!

    Scott, looks fantastic. And nice job with the Leinenkugels. :)
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    Cast Iron rehab

    Greg, those are stunning! Were they local finds?
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    Chicken Rotisserie Shawarma

    Wow, that looks so good! Talk about a crowd pleaser.
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    A Connecticut Costco Question

    I stopped at a local Costco last week and browsed the meat section. They only had choice grade packers, and no prime. This was the first time I have ever seen choice grade packers at any of the Costcos in my area. And the price for choice was $4.69/lb o_O
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    Need a little help with a pork butt

    That sounds like a great plan to me.
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    Cast Iron rehab

    They look beautiful! Your process cleans them up very nicely. I keep searching for older cast iron at garage sales, etc in my area, but nothing ever comes up. Doesn't stop me from continuing to look though.