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    Used the Q with those stainless grates again

    Thanks all for the info on the grates. I agree with Larry on the grill marks. There is a website called amazing ribs that explains the science behind cooking and it says the same. You either want a good sear for the crust or minimum contact for smoke flavor. I recommend that site. I...
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    Used the Q with those stainless grates again

    If anyone can post a link to the stainless grates LM posted, and price paid/good price to pay, I would appreciate it. I cant seem to find it on amazon.
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    early summit rebuild in progress more pictures added just finished and sold

    Paul. I think the grates in the summit you bought fit in the weber 1000 13 bar grills and the silver/gold B grills. So if you got the stainless rod grates in decent shape with that purchase you got something of value.
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    early summit rebuild in progress more pictures added just finished and sold

    Below is the Warranty section from the Summit silver and gold D manual. Guide # 41995. In 2017 I got the firebox under warranty on my summit Gold. I assumed it was under the Aluminum castings coverage - Lifetime. If anyone with a registered summit silver or gold D has been refused the...
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    Brand new SS Lid for older Summit.

    Does anyone know if a silver porcelain lid will fit in the gold lid end caps?
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    Struggling to find a failure cause... Genesis

    I didn't note anyone mentioning the tank safety valve, but may have missed it. I have seen spiders fill orifice holes so gas doesn't flow. Mainly I see tank safety valves activate to prevent gas from flowing. This is caused by an open valve when you open the tank valve. The valve senses a...
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    E 320 Genesis conversion Natural Gas over to Propane...!!!

    I just finished reading through this thread. Several years ago I converted a S330 from natural gas to Propane. I read all the threads on this site for info on how to do it. LMichaels info was very helpful in getting it done. It works fine. Cooks exactly like LMichaels says. My son loves...
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    What model Summit is this?

    What is your opinion of the Summit Gold D6? Got a used one 2005 model and just about finished the rehab. Thanks
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    Genesis E310 side controls (2008)

    I read that post. May have been on another board. As I recall you used a charbroil product. Was interested in the long term evaluation and opinion. thanks
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    Costs to Renovate an old Weber 1000, is it worth it?

    Pat Take that frame, get some angle iron, maybe from a bed frame, cut to size, drill and bolt it in to make a solid cart and use bolts and nuts with 2x6 boards to build a really solid rolling cart. use it for a rolling workbench, prep table, etc. Best thing I ever did with a parts purchase...