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    WSM Cover

    cover? whats a cover for? just kidding. i just never cover mine...
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    My Dual WSM Cart Build

    whoa that looks awesome! is it a back breaker to get the middle portion out?
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    How Monty got his brisket groove back

    took me a while to figure out the point of the grater! good idea..
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    The handle on my performer gets hot.

    i was actually surprised by it. the handle on the wsm never got hot so i assumed the same when i got a new performer. boy was i wrong...
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    Vortex Inaugural Run

    that vortex is intriguing hmmm. cooks look great!
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    Sad Days

    prayers to you and your family. sorry for your loss.
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    The BOSS Is Home!

    wow congrats!
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    First cook on my new Ranch Kettle.

    damn. id be overwhelmed. great cook!
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    just received notice from firecraft... seems i'd miss the 2nd...
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    Free performer

    very nice buy!
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    I'm a happy father.....

    i can only hope that my son shares the same passion. great job!
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    Target Weber Clearance has started (YMMV)

    they sell briskets at your target?!
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    Got a steal on a ranch kettle today

    i still want one even though idk what id do with something that big!