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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    I really like what Weber has with done with this grill. I think it would absolutely be the best of both worlds, WSM and Kettle. I also like the ability to change temperature quickly something I can’t do with my Keg. Some may recall the mods and experimentation I did with the 26" kettle...
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    I'd second that.
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    Paella In The New Pan! PLUS Naan!

    I'd love me some of that! I'm thinking another new cooking toy would be a great idea!
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    I can't imagine BBQ'd wings looking any better than those Jim. Awesome cook.
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    Pimp My 26.75" Kettle

    [/B]You have to wonder why Weber would ever let that kettle on the market with such flimsy legs.
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    Chuck Roast with Vegetables

    Now that's the way to do a chuck roast if you are not a Pepper Stout Beef fan. Outstanding!
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    26 vs 22?

    I'd take a serious look at Steve Porter's mod for the 26. He is using factory parts. My mod is more difficult, the 26 needs a strong base. There's lots of posts some by me some by others on the potential of the 26. Cast iron cookware would be awesome but the legs are weak for any amount of...
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    BGE Vertical Roaster and 14 WSM

    This method makes for a nice cook but notice where my turkey is positioned.
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    Pimp My 26.75" Kettle

    Looks great Steve. Now you can load it up with cast iron pans and do multi level cooks.
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    Pimp My 26.75" Kettle

    We're all anxious to see your creation Steve :)
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    No Turkey!?

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    Thanksgiving Day 24.5lb turkey+22.5"wsm

    Nice cook Six. I like the way you preped your bird.
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    Neck bones

    or you can use it along with some organ meat to make Scrapple. It's not something you'd grill but it's very a very tasty breakfast dish.
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    Smoked my first two turkey breasts

    Tim they look really good. You might want to have a look at, Simon & Garfunkel rub. It's a great poultry seasoning under the skin with or without some butter. I don't brine but I do inject it as well with butter and stock. You do have to grind it up finer when you inject. FYI
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    Smoking in Minnesota Winters

    Wind is the killer doesn't matter where. It's kinda neat to see the smoker in action in a background of snow. I think the cold affects me and my willingness to smoke more than the WSM. :) Just make sure it's sheltered with a wind break.