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    Who's made a good clone of a McRib sandwich? ((((PLEASE DON'T HIJACK MY THREAD))))

    There's a Youtube video by Todd Wilbur that makes a copycat of the McRib. His other videos are great too.
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    Weber Grill Restaurant Indianapolis, IN

    When you come to Indy next time, send me a PM and I'll hook you up with a list of better bbq places. Weber is ok, but there are some better places not far from downtown.
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    CB Wheel and cylinder lock kit.

    Looks great. I just put latches on mine last week that do the same thing and wish I had seen this first.
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    Lenten grilled projects?

    Malcolm, from Killer Hogs BBQ, just posted a great video on YouTube about how to do crab legs on a smoker Looks good to me and crab legs are on sale for $6.99/lb here at Kroger.
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    Lenten grilled projects?

    If you want to try something other than fish for Lent, try veggie kabobs or grilled/marinated mushrooms.
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    Cost of Competing

    We've only competed in a little over a dozen various comps, but $500-$600 should be a pretty good budget. We keep things very simple, so our costs are also pretty low, $400-$500 depending upon travel, and we've accumulated things that we've needed over the past 5 years, so no big out-of-pocket...
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    First Butt Cook on new WSM 14.5 in Photos

    You set the bar too high for your second cook! Looks great. :wsm:
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    Grill mat or cast iron griddle or what?

    I have a Weber griddle on my 330 and love it. I use it all the time. It's great for making things like sausage and peppers, eggs, pancakes, burgers, shrimp, pizza....
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    Jewels Dunn's River - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi from Hove, Sussex, UK

    Welcome Chris
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    Heirloom Burgers

    Burgers and tots. My favorite meal. That burger is perfectly dressed. I like that you seasoned the one always should.
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    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome Niels!
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    Genesis E310 or E330

    The side burner is pretty handy for starting your charcoal chimney.
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    Temperature control

    I only use about a dozen lit coals in my 23" when it's hot outside and have no trouble dialing it between 225 and 250. Better to start with too few, than with too many.