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    So I took a tamale pot and...

    Hah! I should've known someone had already tried this. My next project is controlling the wood burning stove heating my house. Looking at linear actuators or stepper motors on the drafts.
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    So I took a tamale pot and...

    I used a cast aluminum box for the SSR, so no other heatsink required. Works really well.
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    22.5 e-wsm

    230 at 100% output, so I dropped to 5 butts and ditched the stacker. Ran fine after that with around 60% duty cycle. Lots of fat, so I still ended up with the oily mess.
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    So I took a tamale pot and...

    Heatermeter is controlling a SSR to a 1500W immersion element. 32qt pot. Water, metal and electricity. What could go wrong?
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    So I took a tamale pot and...

    Made what is probably the first heatermeter sous vide cooker. Just not sure how to stir the water yet, but so far it doesn't seem to matter.
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    22.5 e-wsm

    This is my method for using pellets as a smoke source:
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    22.5 e-wsm

    Just an update on this project. I'm pretty much all electric for the moment. Briskets, ribs and butts have all turned out awesome. The pellets in the Amaz-n thing don't impart much smoke flavor, but people seem to actually prefer it that way. I'm going to try 6 butts at once this weekend with...
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    Scallops With Walnuts and Shallots

    Thanks. Will try this out.
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    Why can't this thing just work... (frustrated)

    Check the one in blue also.
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    WSM 22 Fan recommendations

    I use an ATC most of the time, but I still stay proficient not using one. I'm afraid of it dying halfway through a cook. You'd better know how to drive if the Tesla blows a fuse. Thermoworks would be my first commercial choice. Heatermeter is my primary ATC. Commercial ATCs don't have the damper...
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    Billows Usage

    You can use foil to seal the hole. I never leave anything attached when not in use. I'm more concerned about heat when no air is being pulled through. Did you make the hole? Is there a fitting?
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    Hunsaker adjustable rack on WSM?

    That's an interesting thought. You can use short machine screws, etc. to add additional racks to the WSM if that's what you're after. I'm not certain what an adjustable rack would gain you.
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    So I'm getting a sausage stuffer......

    Lots of good books on Amazon. The Sausage and Jerky Maker's Bible is the one I like best so far.
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    Are there any upgrades to the weber smoky mountain 18 inch cooker?

    Interesting. My list would be similar, but reversed. Heater meter would be at the top. I drilled holes in the damper tabs so I can stick a screwdriver through them to adjust. Handles on the shell interfere with the silicone cover, which is also high on my list. Lid hinge is handy, but creates...