So I took a tamale pot and...


Darren L

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Made what is probably the first heatermeter sous vide cooker. Just not sure how to stir the water yet, but so far it doesn't seem to matter. 20210704_110551.jpg 20210704_110558.jpg 20210704_110606.jpg

Darren L

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Heatermeter is controlling a SSR to a 1500W immersion element. 32qt pot. Water, metal and electricity. What could go wrong?


I like that! I did something similar to control a Slow Cooker for Sous Vide. I made an enclosure for the SSR, but probably can't control 1500W without a Heat Sink. I have the case on Thingiverse Here if you want to make one.

Bryan Mayland

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Sweet! I've used HeaterMeters for all sorts of control operations.
  • Sous vide cooking
  • Beer brewing / mash water heating
  • 3D printer nozzle heating
  • PCB SMD hot plate control
  • Heating a power resistor strapped to a CPU cooler to blow warm air instead of cold air to diffuse solder fumes in the winter because my hands get cold
  • Peltier thermoelectric cooler
  • A cold air recirculating fan in a temperature controlled fermentation cooler. HeaterMeter works to cool too! Just "Invert Output".

Darren L

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Hah! I should've known someone had already tried this. My next project is controlling the wood burning stove heating my house. Looking at linear actuators or stepper motors on the drafts.