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    National Fajita, Pinot Noir day!

    So, this inspired me to pick up a Lodge fajita skillet set and visit the local Mexican meat market. Not perfect on the first go but it won’t be the last!
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    Tenderloin pizza

    Basil/pesto and pork is a very underrated and underused combination that has never been a letdown when I've tried it.
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    What to do when you screw up and your pizza sticks

    Wooden peel, dough meant for it, and a light touch on the toppings instead of a five pound school lunch lady pizza are the keys. It takes a lot of hours of work before they start to look kind of pretty, and I'll be honest occasionally one still gets turned into a calzone here because it sticks...
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    Ugh, there's not much I hate more than seeing an intriguing recipe and then having to wade through a bunch of touchy feely story BS to actually see it! But on the flip side, I've been around this forum long enough that it kinda feels like family and it's a little different than just trying to...
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    This summer I've been trying to make a point of experimenting with different breads whenever we fire up the brick oven to make pizza and have several hours of heat to work with. This is a rather different direction from the hearth breads, pitas, etc. you'd normally think of with wood fire, I...
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    National Fajita, Pinot Noir day!

    That's a great looking skillet. And we happen to be overrun with garden peppers right now so I'm gonna have to put a fajitas cook on the list.! Probably going to have to change up the other part, though- at our place, fajitas rhymes with margaritss!
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    100° day Pollo Asado - it’s too dang hot today

    Looks good to me, and I don't see any cold weather misery. Far bette to swim in water than have to blade snow or fall down on ice....
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    Day Two at the lake house

    Got to get me some of those egg shaper things for our Blackstone out at the cabin.
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    First attempt at Pernil... Oh man that was good!

    It's definitely worth doing. Glad this post popped up and put it on my radar again, I had kinda forgotten about Pernil and have some pork shoulder in the freezer that needs a plan of attack.
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    Jerk Hasselback Chicken Breast

    That's a pretty plate of food.
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    Mediterranean burgers for dinner

    That is a gorgeous burger. Also, now wishing I had a pomegranate tree....
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    Sour Cream Cornbread

    My wood fired oven.
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    Sour Cream Cornbread

    Gorgeous. I think I'm gonna WFO one of these now!
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    Ground meat kebabs

    We were talking about doing kebabs tonight and I have some homemade chorizo that needs to get used up, wonder how that would work out on a skewer....