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    Limited Edition 26" Kettle in Glen Blue - THE UNICORN OF ALL UNICORNS! For Sale NOW

    Ordered mine Saturday morning. Just after midnight. Just came in today. Let me tell you, they did a fine job on this grill. The porcelain work is excellent. So torn on whether to cook on it now. I already have a 26er that I use. 🤔 Here's a few pics .. raining now. I'll take it outside...
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    New Front Shelf from the Fire Ring Guy!

    Amazon. They are 5" wheels.
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    New Front Shelf from the Fire Ring Guy!

    Thanks guys. That was me that lit up the shelf. I was thinking about doing that since before I bought it. When another user on FB showed me their red insert had fallen out and was only Gorilla taped inside, that made the decision for me. Truth be told, the shelf is nice, but I wasn't (and still...
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    Glow plugs for sale on Weber’s sight, shouldn’t that be under warranty.

    They have been replacing them for free and I wouldn't see that changing for the time being. But. Truth be told, they are only rated for a 150 starts and are a wear item.
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    Make Weber Connect Better

    The temp logging and graphing is coming. Weber mentioned it in a review comment for the app over at the Google Play Store.
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    Update from the Weber CEO - SmokeFire related.

    Looks to be the first time I've seen Weber acknowledge there have been issues with the SmokeFire launch.
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    Where we stand on the smokefire

    As far as I know, the only difference is displays are in celcius and they come with a GBS grate. Oh, and probably a bunch of warning decals the US models don't have.
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    Time to buy?

    The problems are under control. The grill is a beast now. Total steal at $900
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    Where we stand on the smokefire

    I bought my SmokeFire on 4/26 fully realizing what I was getting into. But, I only did it because I had full faith in Weber to get their issues sorted out. It was an easy decision for me because it wasn't going to be my primary cooker. I would have never even entertained a pellet grill if not...
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    Tank level decals

    What a great thread. Awesome info there!
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    Weber Smokefire Gen2?

    I think Gen 2 just became a reality with the latest firmware. I cooked with it tonight and performance was rock solid. I'll be doing a long brisket cook this weekend. If I don't see any weird temp swings or rollbacks that will prove alot to me. Without exaggeration, the grill was a pleasure to...
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    A new player in the kettle game...

    I think I understand what you are saying.... You can rotate the ash catcher ring so the controls wind up on the other side of the kettle. It can be assembled either way. I always cook from the side of the kettle and have the damper control facing me.
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    Weber Fire Pit For Sale

    It's now sitting in the back of my truck. A friend alerted me to it yesterday. It was pending pickup. The person dropped out and she messaged me this morning. I picked it up this afternoon. The porcelain parts are perfect. Center section, legs, and handle mounts all have some rust. Wood...
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    SmokeFire issues on YouTube.

    Check out for the shirts.
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    New Front Shelf from the Fire Ring Guy!

    I just realized that it doesn't have a hinge. How heavy is the shelf?