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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    Went shopping for my parents last week. Used Latex gloves lying ALL OVER the parking lot. Covidiots. Store wasn't crowded at all, they had some water & only "natural" tp - whatever that means. They had the 6 foot marks on the floor at the registers, which the entitled guy behind us ignored as...
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    Radio controlled cars.

    Batteries good in the transmitter, transmitter works? The meter Clint linked should be fine for what you're doing; batteries are where I'd start checking as well. Ahhh, fond memories of rc cars from back in the day! I built a Team Associated rc10 back in the late 80's. This was before carbon...
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    Any guitar hacks here?

    Fender is offering up 3 free months of their online guitar learning course, Fender Play. Pretty awesome deal to help people get through the Corona outbreak.
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    The Humor Thread

    3 guys are at a job interview. The supervisor asks the first guy, "What is the fastest thing you can think of?" He responds "A thought - it only takes a second & poof - a thought is suddenly in your head". The supervisor says, "That's pretty good - I never thought about it like that!" The...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    "I used to spin that toilet paper roll like I was on Wheel of fortune... Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe"
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I'd like to thank all those out there who are performing their essential jobs - without them, we're only about a half a step from flinging poo at each other. THANK YOU!!! Check out this interesting and informative video about how a virus spreads:
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    This really has gotten out of control. The media has been incredibly irresponsible with their doom & gloom reporting. It's not enough that the the general public is already freaking out - tonight the media here in Los Angeles talked about all the millions of cases that could descend on &...
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    The Humor Thread

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    The Humor Thread

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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    That's pretty cool! 👍
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    Has anyone added lower vents, Smokey Joe

    Or you could just put the lid on cockeyed off to the side a little
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    Charcoal on sale!

    Rats! $6.99 where I'm at...
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    Rubs and smoke rings

    Harry Soo did a smoke ring comparison here:
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    Random thoughts/Off topic/Last post wins

    My dad used to repair TV's back in the day. I'm pretty sure our first color tv was someone else's tv that quit working & was out on the curb. Probably mid 70's. He'd be back there behind the TV, adjusting something & always had a mirror so he could see the screen. Sometimes I'd go with him to...
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    The Humor Thread

    Anybody remember this commercial from the 90's? Don't think they could get away with making it now...