WSM Smoking 14 ibs Turkey Questions



TVWBB Member
Smoking 2 14 ibs Turkeys in my WSM for Thanksgiving and have a couple of questions.

1. Should water be added to the water pan?
2. I am using Cherry Wood this year. I used oak last year and looking for a milder smoke flavor. How many chunks of Cherry Wood
should be added?

Mike Freel

If you are planning to smoke them at over 300 degrees water in the pan makes it hard to maintain the temperature. I typically smoke one 14 lb turkey at 250-275 with water in the pan. I add a few herbs to the water to add some flavor to the moisture. I use 3-4 chunks of a fruit wood that are roughly 2x2x4 inches. I am sure there will be several other suggestions based on the experiences of other.
Good luck and enjoy