WSM side handles / side table mods

On the two corners of the table are a T-nut and I ran a threaded rod into it with a nut tightened underneath a piece of aluminum channel that the table slats are secured to.
The table is Ipe (ironwood) decking, I had a couple pieces leftover from my BGE table retro, It is pretty heavy stuff, and this is just something I was playing around with. I have some 1/4" tinted Lexan that I think would look pretty sharp and be lighter too!
How much weight can you put on the side tables the pics look like the handles are the only thing holding them up
That is pretty sweet. I would like to see a close up also.

Just one thing with this attached does it kind of render the handles usless?
The tables are not meant to be a permanent addition they simply slide in and out of the handles, nor are they intended to hold anything more than a couple thermometers or remote probes, tongs, gloves or maybe a spray bottle. Nothing heavy and they break down for storage. The Weber cover still fits over the handles.

Neat mod, Brian. I would be interested in adding it to the Web site if you could provide a close-up photo of the detail of the table underside and how those things slide into the handles.

Nice job,
Man is that sweet. Thanks for the pics. I definately understand now.

The only thing that would make this nicer is if you could take a sheet pan and sit on it and unload the cooker when done. Perhaps a large wooden dowel out on that end board.
Some folks have suggested a fold down leg, but I'll leave that for someone else! I'm happy it's getting a thumbs up!
That is what's great about this site, sharing ideas for the common good.