Wrap-up and Thank You to Jamie!


Chris Allingham

Staff member

Thank you for spending the last four days with us! You've been so generous with your time. I especially appreciate that you keep coming back year after year to continue the conversation about grilling and barbecuing and stoking our passion for Weber grills. Please come back again!

Special thanks to Breanne Sommer at your publisher HMH for her help in coordinating this event.

Best wishes and safe travels as you hit the road to promote the book!

It's been fun, guys. Thanks to all of you who asked questions and added your experiences. I always learn something in the sessions. And I appreciate the chance to hear from so many people around the country. You know, I spend a lot of time cooking on my own in the backyard. It's cool. I love it. But I don't get a lot of chances to hear from folks like you about how you like my recipes and how you personalize them. I try to publish material worth trying at home, but that's not the last word. It only becomes meaningful when you actually try the recipes and techniques, adapting them to your situations. What I'm trying to say is, let's keep in touch. I'll circle back here from time to time. Please get in touch with me on whatever social media channel you like. Post your pictures. Send your questions. Whatever you like. I enjoy the interaction.