Wireless thermometers


Stephen Ranti

New member
So I have a Rotisserie for 1 of my Weber 22" kettles. Was looking into the Meat Stick X and Meater to keep track of temps. Anyone out there have any opinions on one over the other or any experience with either of them. Thanks!
a few here have meater, meater + or meater block.

if you get a meater, I would get at least the plus

I have a pair of meter plus and its OK. I find the range from the thermometer probe and the "plus" box limited so I keep the box next to the grill and then keep a cheap android tablet near my patio and use that as the wifi bridge.

I don't think the meater is as accurate or fast as my thermoworks smoke, but the wireless part works great for rotisserie.
With a roti cook, I go to the “Treasure of Sierra Madres” option… I don’t need no stinkin’(probe)! That said, my wife did get me a “Meater“ which I’ve not even taken out of the box! Yes, I am hanging my head in shame!
But. In all honesty, the more I do, the LESS contraptions I find I need. Rotisserie cooks kind of go to the “minute per poundL concept as you are(theoretically) turning the protein into a “virtual” cylinder.