Will it fit ?


Steve Hoch

Also, are there any tips for reassembling the scale ? (before I lose an eye or the spring goes flying over the fence)

It looked quite bad and was very stiff so I popped it open and have scraped it, cleaned it, rust converted and sprayed it.

I cant get the spring loaded in properly

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I never took one like that apart, so no help there. If you can't get it back together I think you can still buy replacement scales for that grill.


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I got my delivery from weber nz today.
New ignitor, SS flavourizers and grates. (they only have the porcelain grates in this size here.)

That's pretty much it finished, time to start cooking on this one.
The process of getting it into this state was fairly straightforward and mostly enjoyable.
I'm really happy with what I found under all the old grease, dirt and crud.
There's nothing that is in need of replacement for the foreseeable future so its a great acquisition.
The rust on the frame was my biggest worry but it wasn't bad and got some rust treatment and a respray so hopefully that'll keep it at bay.

Thanks for your comments and help


Steve Hoch

Looks good. The finish on those grates is like the coating that's inside of an oven. I've never seen that either. Definitely a little different.


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Just watch, those are going to turn out to be some kind of sought-after grates that we Americans will be dying to get!


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Yah, those are the stamped steel porcelain coated grates. IMO, the least desirable of any of the types weber produces. They will rust out far faster than any of the other options out there. But, the cooking performance is basically the same as the stamped stainless steel grates.