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D Blake

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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Not savvy with Linux. I built a heatermeter more than 3 years ago. I know this because I moved 3 years ago. It is a version 4.2.4. I think it is one of the first versions with a thermocouple for the pit probe.

It seems like it should be simple but I am unable to get it on my new wifi setup that was put in place late last year. I have tried to do this in the web interface and I even downloaded new software using the wifi configuration in the download option. I put the software on my SD card. No luck. Must be some details saved on a chip within the heatermeter itself because I did not lose my configuration details with the new SD card update.

Suggestions? I know I can use it without wifi but would like to get all the cool features back in place.



TVWBB Diamond Member
Try using the HM LCD menu to reset the config, HM should come back online in Access Point mode, at which point you can connect directly to it using a wireless device then login and scan for and connect to a wifi network. If you happen to have a rPi version with a wired LAN you can use it to connect to your network then use a PC on the same network to load the HM web interface, then in Config go to Network/Wireless and scan for and connect to your wifi. You might also try dropping security on your wireless router for a minute to see if you can connect, this could help you figure out if your router is preventing the connection.

D Blake

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Thanks Ralph. I fiddled with it some more. You also reminded me that I left a detail out in my previous message. I can could connect it via a wired LAN on the rPi. After resetting I was able to get the device to connect via WLAN. WooHoo! Ready to start cooking tomorrow.