Wife made me buy a camper...


T Waite

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...again. Of course that resulted in the need for a camping grill, the old Olympian 4100 gasser I had way back when was in awful shape, and it was really never that good of a grill anyway. After a lot of looking I ended up right where I should've started. A Jumbo Joe is perfect for us. It came yesterday and was put to the test tonight with chicken breast and shrimp. I am impressed with how much I could get on the grate and how evenly it cooked. It fits perfectly standing up under the tonneau cover on my truck. I already did the vent handle mod to the bottom vent. There's an Old Smokey 2" thermometer coming, when it gets here I'll do the top vent handle at the same time.


We love taking our Jumbo Joe with the camper. Not only can you cook on it, but after the cook is done, we throw pinon wood and firewood right on the coals and have our campfire for the night. The JJ makes a GREAT firepit. Then when it's time for bed, close the lower vent, put the lid on with the vent closed and clasp the lid shut and your fire is out safely. The JJ is the perfect camping grill.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Nice camping spot, reminds me of some bluegrass festival set ups I’ve enjoyed in the past!
I used to take my 22” and half a box of turkey legs, people walked by saying “those poor boys” I indirect smoked them part of the day, and then took some to some friends who, were doing “cornbread and beans”. I loved taking a full size kettle around and the following year, seeing six or more kettles at the same festival! I wish I’d had a DC rotisserie!
It’s so nice to be an “influencer” before it was a term! Gee, I’m old!
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