whole potatoes - Weber Q200

Hi guys,
How do you cook whole potatoes on the Weber Q200?
Do you use foil? The book that came with the BBQ said 45 to 60 mins. It doesn't say to prick the potatoes or put them in foil or what temp to cook them on.

Any help as usual is appreciated.

Thanks all!!


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I never cooked on a Q200. But whole taters on the grill: I wash them/pick them/cook around 350/time 45-60 min.

If i half them i toss em in some evoo and some spices.

Larry Corall

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I don't have a Q200 either but I do them the same way as Daniel.
I like them loaded - butter, sour cream, bacon, chives, etc.

James Trapp

I use a Q320 not a 200 but it should be the same for any Q or any grill for that matter.

I foil them but it is probably not needed. I do not prick them, just wash then foil them.

I cook them on medium low until soft. Usually a little less than an hour depending on the actual temperature of the grill.
Potatoes are just about the most forgiving item to put on a grill. You gotta really try hard to mess up a baked potato.

When I'm competing my Friday night dinner almost always goes like this. Scrub potato, wrap up in foil with salt, pepper, and a couple pats of butter. Throw on the grill indirect for about an hour, as long as it's over about 300 then it's fine. Here's the best part, if I get busy with something and don't get back to it for an extra 10-15 minutes, no big deal! Comes out the same.

Split it open, add some butter, pulled pork (little sauce if you like), shredded cheese, little salt, little pepper. Mmmgood!