White Cap replacement

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Branon S.

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Has anyone replaced the white cap on the front leg? Mine is break off and I was just wondering if anyone has found anything at HD or Lowes that will fit or if Weber sells just the cap.

Thanks in advance.
there are rubber leg caps kinda like the ones on the end of crutches. i'm still working on something but havn't come up with anything i like. right now i use a caster insert. this way if i want i can insert a caster real quick to roll it around if needed.
You can order the end caps directly from Weber. Just check out the schematic and get the part number.

yea but those weber caps are just sooooo cheap and flimsy. i just noticed that the new platinum has these cool leg ends that are adjustable !
Chair leg floor protectors fit well. I bought a package of them for beans and I'm still on the first one. Got them at Home Depot.
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