Richard Garcia

TVWBB All-Star
Yesterday I Paid a visit to one of my favorite Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealerships in order to purchase some Weber Candle Lighters. I was taken-back a little in finding that they had only two(2) Webers displayed for sale(a WeberQ Electric and Weber E-6 Kamoda Grills). In my previous visit last November they had around twenty-Five(25) Grills on display which included both gas and charcoal. I asked the price of the E-6 which was $1300 which is a drop of around $200 since my last visit,

They also did not have any Weber Candle Lighters but the Sales lady they will have more of these in February, however, I failed to ask what year? I have a strong feeling that this Dealership is very much affected by the bad Covid Virus Situation which has really spiked here in the last few months and many small Costa Rican Business no longer exist. This particular Weber Dealership has been around here for over ten(10) years plus.

So, how are the local Weber Dealerships doing in your area??

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I’m not worried about where you posted it Richard.
Indeed, small businesses have taken a big hit I’d think pretty much everywhere, it’s a harder world than it was not that long ago.
I hope your place can survive.