What kind of wood is good for a brined turkey?

I'm cooking a butterball frozen bird (thawed) without brining - just salt, pepper and butter in a pan with chicken broth and veggies per one of the Jamie Purviance methods. I'm cooking it right now with one small apple wood chunk on regular Kingsford and the smell is fantastic! I've been using apple wood all year and I love the stuff. It has a great flavor but doesn't overpower the meat and hasn't turned out bitter (yet). I used hickory a few years back and the smoke flavor was way to heavy for turkey. Especially for the left overs - they were inedible to anyone other than me. I couldn't get my wife to make soup with the carcass because she didn't like the smell. In fairness to the hickory fans i probably made the newbie mistake of using too much wood. I still think hickory is the unchallenged champ for pulled pork but apple is great on just about everything else.