What is everyone cooking this weekend?

I'm going to be making Bacon Sandwiches!


Smoked a big Costco sized Steal head using the salmon recipe on here with one mod on the smokin rub. I added a tsp of Chipotle powder. turned out ridiculously awesome!!! Perfect amount of earthy warmth without overpowering.
Last night I gave my 18.5 the nigh off and did a NY strip with an ancho bourbon compound butter and baked potato.
Did a Santa maria tri-tip last night that was outta bounds! smokin a couple turkey breasts today - used the slaughterhouse brine and it smelled killer.
Brisket point pre-cut and trimmed 2.5lbs, Partial Brisket flat pre-cut and trimmed about 2.5 lbs. And an 8lb butt . First smoke on the 14.5 WSM (although I have pre-burnt some coals and wood through it)
J. Mor report back on your first 14.5 WSM cook!

My Turkey cook had issues :( I dont think I had the coals going nearly hot enough when i dumped them in and the temp never got about 265, 45 minutes in the outside temp dropped to 44 and it started to rain - like a steady downpour and the temps just fell from there. I finished on the gasser after about 1.5 hours, but them the gasser ran out of gas. I had a full replacement tank, but in the weather the temps dropped again before I could swap it. Thus it took well over 2 hours to get the breasts cooked and they were just ok - a bit dry. It will be something I will try again and get right on #2. a bit bummed tho, but I suppose it happens.
At 47 degrees when I dumped the lit charcoal in the WSM it really taxed the little 14.5 to rise above the 200 mark at that temperature, at about 11:30 when the sun was able to hit the backyard and my lil WSM it jumped up to 240, been steady after a vent adjustment at 225. Hit the butt and the brisket with some spray Apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix, chucked in a few more hunks of the 5 year aged mello Cherry wood chunks and some of the new Kingsford Apple wood briquettes, topped off the apple juice/ water mix in the water bowl. Should be good for a solid 3 hour run here. I've learned how to hit targets in the WSM through the vent using a spray bottle, so no need to open it up, other than that, I think I'm freed up for maybe a quick little nap and let the meat heat for a spell
nice! my temps went the opposite way decent to cold and I never recovered. sounds like you are on your way to some tasty stuff!
Gonna be an eventful weekend for me. We roto'd another chicken last night and had some chicken caesar salads with about half of it. The other half was shredded for chicken enchiladas we'll make on Sunday morning. Tonight we have some 16/20 shrimp and some tilapia for the grill. Starting late tonight, I'm gonna smoke some bone-in butts on the WSM for pulled pork tomorrow and for lunches next week. Saturday evening, I'm caveman cooking skirt steak for carne asada tacos. Sunday evening we're taking a new 22" OTP to my sister and her boyfriend as a late housewarming gift and teaching them how to use it - wings, burgers, CotC.
Not sure. I just got home from the hospital yesterday and my wife wants me to take it easy. I would like to do some ribs. I haven't done them on the WSM yet.
Cooking three 10 lb pork shoulders on the bottom grate and St. Louis ribs on the top rack of my 22" WSM. 7 hours in to the cook and shoulder temps are 182, 165 and 164. All three are foiled and charging hard for service at 5:00 pm.
Ended up doing a little over a dozen chicken legs. Skin was very crispy. My goal was the get the temp higher than normal because I was going to pull the meat anyways.