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Chris Allingham

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I want to welcome Mike Durso to TVWBB! I met Mike in September 2008 when I visited Weber to debrief on my experience with the pre-production 22-1/2" smoker. Our paths recently crossed again as a result of a post here on TVWBB, and I invited him to join us for a dedicated week-long Q&A session.

Mike recently worked at Weber on the 18-1/2" smoker redesign, the new 22-1/2" smoker, and the updated 26-3/4" kettle grill. If you haven't already, make sure to read his bio.

To keep things organized, please start a new message thread for each new question. If you're reading a thread and a new question pops into your mind, don't hijack the thread--start a new message thread instead.

Just a few comments as we begin:<UL TYPE=SQUARE>
<LI>Mike no longer works for Weber-Stephen Products Co. His appearance here is not endorsed or approved by Weber, and he does not represent the company in any way. The opinions he expresses are his and his alone.
<LI>Feel free to ask any question, but please understand if Mike chooses not to answer it. He may be bound by confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements in regard to certain sensitive topics.[/list]

Not open for further replies.