Weird and Scary

Here's a beautiful timber rattler that got annoyed with me and rattled at me in May in Virginia. Nights were still cool so he was moving really really slow and I was trying to encourage him to get his *** off the trail so he'd be safe. He didn't seem to appreciate that I was trying to help him. Or her. Timber Rattlers are usually pretty laid back, you got to work to get one upset. Unlike their high strung diamondback cousins


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I'm a relocated Yankee happy to be in NC, but I don't love the copperheads. Here's one that tried to enter my front door as I left for work in the morning. Thank goodness I didn't park in the garage or it would have still been there when wife and kid went for their morning walk. I exited through the garage and tried to shoo it away, but it kept striking until it was chopped to bits.


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