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Greg C

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Your website used to be comprehensive in terms of the entire 5 Step Method.

I tried to go back to the website before posting the topic and noticed that it is totally redone. It only has Step 1 listed as an option to view. Will the other steps be added online or is the main website a teaser for the book?

I understand this since people would be reluctant to buy the book (although Amazon price is very reasonable) when the information online is already "free". (I am a person who likes to have a book in hand though too.)

What else does the book have that separates it from the information that the website used to have?

The book is a great improvement on the original program, and offers students of barbecue much more in the way of instructions, particularly in using different types of charcoal cookers. I even put my until-now secret Gary Wiviott's Rub recipe in there.

Available online at Low & Slow is a complete version of the new and improved Lesson #1 (previously Step 1)--with instructions for cooking on the WSM, an offset smoker and the kettle grill. If you want Lessons #2 - #5, and my greatest hits of other barbecue-related recipes, including rubs, sauces and sides.

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