weber's competition

Well you can compare some of teh other product and webers... I don't know of a virtual brinkmann site, do you?

I know green egg has a site, but that is a specialty much like the WSM. Some drive Fords, others drive Chevys.

As posted earlier, it's hard to mess with success and a company never wants to alienate people. So a few improvements were offered. What Weber has in store the next time around remains to be seen.

I think the pro-staker is kinda neat. I saw a smoking team over the weekend (Mike's BBQ/BBQ Jedi (not me)) use the BBQ Guru's fan. that's cool. multiple input thermometers are really useful.

but some of those things are not as useful or worth the price to the regular everyday user.... that's why we mod and tell chris we need more room to archive all these posts...


thanks for your reply. I guess I was thinking about ceramic cookers like the BGE or the kamado. Though I've never used one, it seems like they have the capability of generating enough heat to grill steaks as well as maintain a low temp for smoking. If would be great to see weber with a similar offering.

On The BGE, plenty of heat and then some. I have heard the logistics of moving things around on grate once you are underway can be a problem too.

If you know anyone in the neighborhood that has one, become their friend. you can lay out a pretty penny for a ceramic. Look for used ones too.

At the BBQ comp this weekend, i did see a few of the BGE and they were getting good results. it's just a matter of learning and can you invest the time and money that goes with that.

i have gotten myself into a few hobbies that ended up looking much better on paper, so tread lightly!