Weber Warming Rack 3200 for 22" Kettle


John Osmond

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Now that the 3200 Warming Rack is being included in the Master Touch 22", I am starting to see these on Amazon and other places. If you have been wanting to get one of these previously hard to find items, now is probably a good time to look.
I have seen this on a kettle at HD but not as a separate item. Also looked on the Weber website and couldn't find it. Only on Amazon for a third party. Does anyone have any other info on this?
I just bought one of these on Amazon from Bouliers and it is a Weber original part. I'm not sure how they are getting them.
I couldn't find the warming racks in Canada and didn't want to pay the shipping/customs fee from the U.S. I put 4 stainless steel carriage bolts on my Smokey Joe cooking grate to use it as a warming rack or a 2nd grate.

That warming rack is handy!, I have one that came with my MT and I can squeeze 2 big spare ribs in it. 2 st louis cut slabs on the cooking grate and then the rib tips and flap meat on the warming rack.

I don't think id use it as a warming rack while grilling it kinda gets in the way of flipping burgers

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