Weber Summit E-670 or E-620? Summit owners happy with grill?


Adam H

Thinking of buying a Summit. Was wondering if the sear burner is worth the extra cash? Are there any other differences between the two models? Do any owners of these models have any complaints about the grill or do you wish you would bought a different model? Would love to hear the pro/cons of the Summit series. Thanks for any help.
My wife surprised me with a new summit 620 last month. It gets plenty hot for steaks so I don't feel as if I need the sear burner. I also like the extra grilling space without the smoker attachment, which most seem so say doesn't work too well. The 620 also doesn't have the rotisserie, which is a nice feature, but I used it only once or twice when I had a rotisserie setup on my old genesis so I don't miss it. You can't go wrong with either unit.
Full disclosure - I don't own either. What is the price difference between the two? Sear burners seem kinda gimmicky to me - most modern grills get plenty hot enough for a good sear. But the roti could be worthwhile if the price difference is reasonable. If it isn't, you can always buy a roti for the 620.
If you want to spin food (rotisserie) the 670 is almost a must (regardless of how you feel about sear burner and smoke burner). As because of the burner layout you won't get as good a rotisserie performance. Though it could be an excuse to find an older style Genesis and have 2 grilling machines ;-)