Weber Style Cast-Iron Plancha for Spirit 300 Gas Grill


TVWBB Olympian
I realize that it says it fits a spirit 300 grill and the Spirit 300 use the same cooking grates as the Silver B/C, but I am wondering if this will still fit the B/C grills. I can't find anywhere that says it specifically will.


TVWBB Olympian
So, it does fit B/C and X000 grills as well? I wonder why they don't advertise that since there are a heck of lot more of them out there than Spirit E3xx grills.

Stefan H

TVWBB Wizard
If it fits the 3 burner Spirit then it will fit the old Genesis B/C as well. The cook boxes have the same dimensions.
But I wonder if is any better than the old cast iron plate I have.

Josh T

New member
It fits the silver b/c and the 1000’s series. The issue is it will take more than 1/2 of the grill. Ergo you’d have to use the plancha by itself or get another grate that’s about 1” less wide than normal.

It’s a good price for a huge chunk of cast iron.