Weber starter cubes



Just found these at my local sports authority store for .97 per bx. I know the price is right,but do they work better then
newspaper? I really dont like all the ash and need to know if I should go and get some more.

I think they work much better than a newspapaer. First, no ash. Second, they burn for a longer time and give your chimney plenty of time for a good start.

The price sounds good and if they were available in my area, I would stock up.

That is a really great price. I pay $2.29 at Home Depot here and think that's not bad. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread. At what you paid, I would go back and clean them out of those puppies.

No doubt about it. Clean the store out of those starter cubes and you definitely got em for the right price! I "second" Paul's comments that they last plenty long enough and leave absolutely no residue, ash or any other leave-behind mess. Last evening I let 30 or more coals in my Weber Chimney, once the coals were hot and ready, the starter had completey burned away!