Weber Smokefire Gen2?


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The firmware came out today, Weber seems to be really making the effort to get this right, can’t wait to cook this weekend.

Matt Q

Used the grill tonight after the firmware update and was very pleased. I did not clean out the barrel after a 3 hour smoke yesterday and decided to make pizza. Grill came to temp pretty quickly (I didn’t time it but it was between 15-20 minutes). What really impressed me was how quickly the grill came back to temp after opening the lid. As always, the grill cranked out great food.


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Chris Z

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I think Gen 2 just became a reality with the latest firmware. I cooked with it tonight and performance was rock solid. I'll be doing a long brisket cook this weekend. If I don't see any weird temp swings or rollbacks that will prove alot to me.

Without exaggeration, the grill was a pleasure to use tonight.