Weber Grilling Tools?



I'm in desperate need of some new tongs, and could probably stand to get a new grilling spatula as well. I was in the hardware store today and noticed that Weber has a 3 piece stainless steel grilling tools set which contained those items. This particular store was selling them for $25, which was also the list price on Amazon.

Being all stainless steel, it was a very nice looking set. The tools were bigger than most I've seen, which I like. I was just wondering if anyone out there had any experience with this set. Is it as functional as it is pretty? Is it worth the money? Can any one recommend any other brand of grilling tools, especially tongs, that are worth looking into?

Thanks in advance for anybody's input on this!
Vance, I received a set of the stainless Weber grilling tools for Christmas and I have been very pleased with them. They are comfortable to use, well-balanced, and solidly made.....definately worth the 25 bucks. We like the tongs because the hinge mechanism won't rust and opens/closes with minimal effort.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of sets. I prefer to buy individual pieces, that way I don't get stuck with items I don't want. For example, IMO there is nothing more worthless than those grill forks that they always include. They puncture meat allowing juices to escape and are pretty clumsy to use - I much prefer to use tongs.

And, as far as tongs are concerned, my absolute favorite are made by Edlund. I have a 16" pair for grilling/BBQ and a few 12" pair for most everthing else in the kitchen. They are restaurant quality, made of heavy duty stainless steel, extremely durable and dishwasher safe. I have had them for years and they are still in great condition. And, the locking feature is great for storage. They aren't as "pretty" as the stainless Weber set, but I'd place money that they are a lot more practical.

16" Tongs

12" Tongs

As far as a grill spatula is concerned, I would recommend buying one separately, which you can probably find just about anywhere.
I also have these tongs from my restaurant supply. I have never bought a set of anything because they always come with the useless fork. I've seen a lot of sets with tongs that have the scallops on one side, and those don't work well.

My current spatula was a Pampered Chef model, not long enough and plastic handle which has melted in spots. My former wooden handled one disintegrated, and now need an all stainless one. They are pretty basic, and I also recommend buying exactly what you need separately at the restaurant supply.
Yeah, but you can use those big old forks for pulling pork, and for carving if you don't have yer proper carving set on hand.
The $25 set is probably good enough. I prefer individual pro quality items from a good restaurant supply company. Sam's has a nice selection in the restaurant isle not the home cooking isle.
Thanks for the advice everyone. Think I might do a little shopping around for individual items as several folks suggested.

It's funny how no one uses those big forks. I have one fork that came with some el cheapo set I bought about 10 years ago that has probably never even touched meat. Basically it's a full-time charcoal prodding instrument.
The only big fork I have use of is something that can pick up a 25 pound roast and hold on to it while carving. The kind with strong 6" long prongs. Wusthof makes a nice one but I use an IKEA that works great.
I have a couple of pairs of the OXO Good Grips 16" tongs that I like.

I agree with the fork posts. I may have used mine to take butts off in the past (prior to joing this forum) now I just put on my gloves from the Texas BBQ Rub people.

I've seen a lot of chat about the tongs...

But what about the "pigtail" that BBQ Store has?

I have the pig tail and use it sparingly. It works great for tortilas on the grill and Texas toast for flipping. I also use it to flip chicken halves on the gasser. I have the Pampered Chef tons and love them as they don't flex in the middle and will lift lots of weight.
The only Weber accessory I don't like is the rib rack. Real junk. There is not enough room to easily put slabs or pices of slab into, let alone to apply a mop or sauce. Used them a couple of times and threw it out.
I wouldn't use the word "junk" to describe Weber's rib rack. As with many rib racks, the slots are narrow to keep the ribs standing up straight so they can squeeze in more slabs. But narrow can mean some difficulty getting ribs in/out or when applying sauce. That's just the nature of many rib racks used on the WSM.

It should be noted that some folks complained about the Williams-Sonoma rib rack that everyone was snapping up recently at bargain prices because the dividers between slots were too high, failing to support the middle of slabs and allowing them to flop over in the rack.

David Klose makes a good rib rack, if you want to spend $35.

Lots of folks really like the Charbroil rib rack, which is very cheap and can be found at Home Depot.

I've gotten away from rib racks and just roll ribs instead.