Weber Fuel Bags: My Thoughts



TVWBB Super Fan
I bought two of the Weber Fuel Storage Bags two weeks ago and overall really like them, as much as you can like some bags.

  • The material is heavy and well-made - I was afraid of cracking them when they first arrive and were very cold. Probably not a problem, but surprised how sturdy.
  • Roll-down handle design is clever. Keeps water/elements out and avoids more straps.
  • Label viewer is nice. Probably will want a piece of thin cardboard or something behind the label to keep it visible.
  • Fit a 20# bag of KBB in one and about 2 1/2 bags of Weber Wood Chunks in the other (different woods so could probably get more if loose).
No issues pouring a full bag of KBB into it and filling the chimney was much easier with the Weber bag.

I have a couple for pellets, I like them as well.
I think pellet grillers were definitely the intended audience for these, but worked well with briquettes so far; not that I've had then that long.

I'm just happy I apparently got in the day before the shipping minimum went up to $100. I try to buy from Weber direct as prices are the same and they're just down the street.