Washing machine wobble

Kyle in Woodstock

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Random question, but hoping one of you guys might help point me in the right direction.

My older washing machine wobbles sometimes, real badly on occasion. We've had it for years and somehow the two leveling legs up front are missing. Not having any luck finding replacement legs.

It's a Frigidaire fwsb7800ds0.

Not sure if I'll get any help here.... I just don't want to register at some washing machine repair website forum, lol

Kyle in Woodstock

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Thanks guys, good info. I'll look around there.

I'm 99% sure is wobbling because it is missing one of the front legs. It appears to have two different legs styles.... the right side is a chunky plastic leg that I think it the "leveling leg". The other one seems more like a smaller leg that attaches to the machine with a machine thread bolt.

I'm missing the machine thread bolt leg...for lack of not knowing the exact name.
Searching online, I find leveling legs all over the place, but none of the other style, at least ones that will fit my machine.

I was thinking I could just get a bolt and put it in place of the leg, but then the front left would be putting all the weight of the front left portion on that bolt.... I can imagine that doing some damage to my hardwoods in the laundry room.

Kyle in Woodstock

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I found a website called https://partsdr.com/

As I was looking around that site a chat window popped up. I usually close those right away, but I asked about my washer and the front legs.... it sounded like someone was on the other end and not one of those robo-auto answer things. So I ordered the part and we will see if it gets it fixed.

Since the partsdr website wanted $8 to ship a $5 part I ordered on Amazon for $7 total


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Good deal! You could slip a piece of 1x4 or plywood under there with a shim to stop the rocking until you receive the parts.
But with Amazon you'll prolly get it now or tomorrow.:)