Vintage 26" grills......


Stephen L

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Picked up this Patent Pending Fleetwood a while back. Its in excellent condition. No dings or porcelain chips....Dates to about 1969

Both Fleetwoods...Patent Pending Flatop and the thumbscrew... :) The thumbscrew is from the mid 1960's

They appear to be in great condition. Looks like they changed the lid at some point. Any action shots?
Stephen, those are absolutely AWESOME!
You're not using them, are you?
Do you display them somehow?
I used the older one on the right (Below is an action shot). Originally, Weber made the 26" lid (early 1960s) in a similar shape to that of the 22". In the later part of the 1960's, they changed the design to a "flat top" (grill on the left). Both lids types were spun. In the below picture, you will notice the spin marks.

Stephen those are awesome! I always have my eye out for vintage kettles! Where did you find them for sale?
Stephen is The Man when it comes to Kettle collecting. Any Weber fan would be more than happy to have either of those cookers in the lineup.