vent settings

Thank you for answering. I am considering a Weber Kettle, and having a source of info for how to adjust the vents would be very helpful.

As a follow up question, do you use the Silver or Gold kettle? That seems to be an oft asked question here, and your insight would be interesting.

At home I grill on a Performer. For me, grilling so VERY often (like every day), it's just nice to have the gas ignition and the work table, but my grilling techniques don't change at all when I'm grilling on a Silver or Gold kettle.

Thanks. I looked at a Performer today, and it is a nice system, but I want something that I can easily throw in the back of the truck. I've bot a BGE with a custom table that allows me to have work space in my outdoor cook area (of course I won't have the BGE with me when mobile).